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Royce Malphrus, BCIA-C, AAMFT (clinical member)

PHD, Licensed Psychotherapist (LPC), LMFT, MAC

25 A Marshellen Drive, Beaufort, South Carolina 29902

In my opinion addiction begins with anxiety which the person chooses at some level to ameliorate by the use of a substance or behavior. This may seem to suffice initially for uncomfortable feelings but, as the process of addiction continues, the means to gain relief adds to a persons anxiety exponentially. There is an imaginary line a person crosses when he/she develops a dependency on alcohol or other drugs and/or behaviors and once crossed, can not return to "normal" use of the substance or behavior.

Carol Erb, Ph.D

Board Certified Christian Marriage Coach

2015 Boundary Street, STE 211-213, Beaufort, South Carolina 29902

We are Certified in Pornography and Sexual Addictions Recovery. If you are struggling with a serious marital betrayal issues such as texting, viewing explicit graphics, hiding phone calls, cheating, keeping secrets and telling lies, it's time to stop the arguing and threats. We'd like to help you rebuild trust and intimacy so that you can have a marriage where you reconnect and are happy again. We offer a team approach with male and female practitioners working with both husband and wife in couples sessions.

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