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Daryl Temkin, Daryl Temkin

Ph.D., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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In this generation, the growth of individuals with addictions is very significant. Addictions originally were isolated to alcohol and drugs. Today’s addictions are understood to also include, food, sex, money, gambling, video, internet, internet games, internet chatrooms, internet pornography and other types of prolonged, repeated and out of control behaviors and actions. Addictions take over a person’s ability to have of self- control of the action which leads to the fogging of any will power to stop the addictive activity even when a matter of great importance comes in conflict with the addiction. Addictions ruin people and all relationships surrounding them. Addiction counseling explores underlying factors leading to the addiction and looks to find...(view profile to read more)

Addiction Therapist

Dr. Lynne, Ph.D., L.M.F.T.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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There are many kind of addictions....chemicals....gambling....adultery....sexual...pornography....internet. These addictions often serve to "mask" intense emotions felt by an individual. The addiction serves, at least for the moment or hour to allow one to "escape". Obsessive Compulsive behaviors follow, often by the decline in quality of life. Working with a professional therapist will allow you to talk about your life, your emotions, your unresolved issues. This journey of discovery can lead to a better self image, better relationships (since addictions are "instead" of people) and better health.

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Addiction Treatment in Anaheim Hills CA.

Addiction can be devastating, not only to the one suffering but also to loved ones. Support groups in California and counseling for gambling addiction in Anaheim Hills CA, sex addiction, Anaheim Hills CA internet addiction, drug addiction, and Anaheim Hills CA alcohol addiction are available tools for recovery. If you need a support group, counseling or treatment for addiction in Anaheim Hills CA, or need a therapist or treatment center to help treat alcoholism or a substance abuse counselor in Anaheim Hills, CA, Theravive has the right resources to help overcome dependency. Contact one of our addiction counselors today for rapid help and support.

Welcome to our network of therapists who specialize in addiction, Anaheim Hills CA. Treatment and counseling for addictions in Anaheim Hills: alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, internet addiction, and gambling addiction are some of the specializations our California therapists have that can help bring you or your loved on on a new journey of recovery. Addiction counseling Anaheim Hills, CA and treatment can help put your feet on solid ground for new hope towards a better life.