Addiction Treatment Brampton. Counseling for Substance Abuse, Alcohol, Internet, Sex, and Drug Addictions.

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Addiction Therapist

Ingrid Dresher, RP

Registered Psychotherapist (College of Psychotherapists of Ontario)

Eglinton and Kipling (two minutes east of Highway 427), Etobicoke, ON

I offer assistance to people who have problems with addiction. Habitual self-harming behavior must be accompanied by a commitment to stop. This commitment can be assisted by a passionate re-decision of “passive” decisions of earlier life. This often stems from “childhood problems of attachment and security within the family system.” New ways of relating to oneself can be established. Ongoing commitment to refrain from addictive behavior, and select behavioral choices that focus on commitment to one’s current priorities in life can be accomplished. Sufficient support -internal, therapeutic, and community - combined with constructive choice, can become your life’s habit forever!

Addiction Therapist

Nira Lall, Life Coach, MA, MCHt, MNLP, MTLT

Life Coaching - OFFICE CLOSED UNTIL SEPT 14, 2015

2 County Court Blvd., 4th Floor, Brampton, ON L6W 3W8

Addictions can be related to substances, habits, patterns, and relationships. Regardless of the nature of your addiction, we will determine why, when, and how you addictive behaviour occurs. You will be given tools and resources to assist you in replacing your addictive behaviour with a more supportive pattern. Therapies include Neuro-linguistic programming, New Decision Therapy, and/or Hypnosis.

Addiction Therapist

Bill Taekema, R. P.

Registered Gestalt Psychotherapist

268 Main Street North, Brampton, ON L6V 1P5

I will support my clients in exploring their particular addiction, the pros and cons of living with it and how it is impacting their lives. Clients will be fully supported when looking at what was happening in their lives when it all began. We will then continue the healing process through gained self-awareness while reframing the past so you will be more response"able" in your life, now.

Addiction Therapist

Atul Kumar Mehra, RP, RCS, MPCP,

Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Counselling Supervisor

4263 Sherwoodtowne Boulevard Suite 302,, Mississauga, ON

If you are struggling with addiction then it is time to take action now. Any addiction can be harmful and it can take complete control of your life. Physical addictions are related to food, drugs, alcohol and mental addictions are related to gambling, video games etc.. In fact any mental or physical activity which creates dependence and it is beyond your control, can become an addiction. It means you are not In-dependent but you are Out-dependent. In my experience people can even be addicted to anyone or anything. Integrative psychodynamic therapy can give you permanent solutions although it can take some time. But who would not like to enjoy the idea of living an independent healthy life?

Addiction Therapist

Coslyn Selby, BSW, RSW

Professional Social Worker

2250 Bovaird Drive E., Brampton, ON L6R 0W3

Addiction is a gradual process, which begins by sampling wine at the dinner table, then graduating to your own glass and further to buying your own bottle. There is no doubt to some the taste of alcohol is welcoming, and soothing to the system, whereby at certain stages in life alcohol is used as an avoidance in dealing with life issues. Using a task-centered approach helps individuals face the reality and causes of their addiction.

Addiction Therapist

Iddi Zackari, PsyD. RP, RMFT

Registered Psychotherapist and Registered Marriage & Family Therapist

204-100 Matheson BLVD., Mississauga, ON

The term addiction describes a pattern of uncontrollable and compulsive behaviour regardless of the negative consequences. Substance abuse or chemical dependence describes a maladaptive behaviour that can lead to distress, impairment or negative impact on ones wellbeing. Pornographic addiction can be described as compulsively watching pornographic materials with the sole intention to fulfil sexual gratification. I'm professionally trained to assist you to resolve your addictive behaviour.

Addiction Therapist

Bill Huggins, Ph.D.

Therapist / Counsellor

71- B11 Rosedale Ave, Brampton, ON L6X 1K4

Addiction usually has two dimensions: the effects of the habit and the reason for starting the habit.With backup medical assistance we will identify the triggers for your behaviour. We will change your thinking and actions around your behaviour cycle. If you are honest and transparent about the addiction with your hard work, our support and community based agencies, if needed, success will be attainable.

Addiction Therapist

Sharleen McDowall, Psy.D., C.Psych

Registered Psychologist

60 Gillingham Drive, Suite 402, Brampton, ON L6X 0G9

At MCCG we provide addiction counselling for those who feel they have lost their way and are struggling to gain control in their lives. Our therapists provide empathic support and guidance, along with a nonjudgemental atmosphere, to help those who want to make a change. We are committed to helping you implement the changes necessary for long term success.

Addiction Therapist

Bruce Taylor, B.A., B.Ed., M.A., M.Div., CCC

Individual Couple Family Counsellor, Sex Addiction Therapist

1550 Gordon St., Unit 19, Guelph, ON

I am a highly trained and experienced Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), trained by Dr. Patrick Carnes of the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP). I am the only Certified Sex Addiction Therapist for a large area of southern Ontario. I offer programs for both addicts and partners of sex addicts, and hold Men's and Women's Groups . I am experienced in the treatment of all sexual addictions e.g. pornography, cybersex, sexual and emotional affairs, massage parlors, escorts and anonymous sex, etc. I am a facilitator of the Facing the Shadow Recovery Start Kit and an interpreter of sexual addiction tests. For more information see:

Addiction Therapist

Paul Clark, PhD, RP

Registered Psychotherapist

4 Robert Speck Parkway, Suite 1500, Mississauga, ON

An addiction is a loss of control over alcohol, substance use, eating, sexuality, or gambling. It is a behaviour that is motivated by emotions that range from cravings to compulsions. The addictive behavior continues despite its negative consequences. Counselling includes a focus on the root emotioanal causes that led to addiction and some tools to deal with addictive behaviour so that you can get your life back in balance.

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Addiction Treatment in Brampton.

Addiction can be devastating, not only to the one suffering but also to loved ones. Support groups in Ontario and counselling for gambling addiction in Brampton, sex addiction, Brampton internet addiction, drug addiction, and Brampton alcohol addiction are available tools for recovery. If you need a support group, counselling or treatment for addiction in Brampton, or need a therapist or treatment center to help treat alcoholism or a substance abuse counselor in Brampton, ON, Theravive has the right resources to help overcome dependency. Contact one of our addiction counselors today for rapid help and support.

Welcome to our network of therapists who specialize in addiction, Brampton. Treatment and counselling for addictions in Brampton: alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, internet addiction, and gambling addiction are some of the specializations our Ontario therapists have that can help bring you or your loved on on a new journey of recovery. Addiction counselling Brampton, ON and treatment can help put your feet on solid ground for new hope towards a better life.