Aleksandra Dobric Stanosevic, M.A.

Aleksandra Dobric Stanosevic, M.A.
Addiction Therapist

Registered Transactional Analysis Practitioner

Location: 1750 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg
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In addictions one usually goes straight from feelings into behaviour. And it is usually such an unbearable feeling that the person resorts to 'self-cure', i.e. substance abuse in order to bury it deep down inside. So after building trust, I carefully inquire about the painful events in the person's life. As alcohol and drug abuse is often sustained by denial, the client learns levels of discounting the problem (How am I lying to myself?). Often, clients will embrace alcohol/drugs because they have given up on people; sometimes, they don't know how to protect themselves from poisonous relationships: "discovering a 4-step approach to assertivity" can be of much help!

Addiction Treatment Brandon MB.

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