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Addiction Therapist

Michael Clay, MA, DMin

Independently Licensed/Board Certified Counselor

Within Driving Distance of Ironton, OH

Addiction is a universal dynamic, with everyone having an ingrained tendency to the formation of habit. Yet not all habits are self-destructive and as maladaptive as others. When coupled with fear, even those most adaptive of habits, in extreme also turn out bad. Counseling/psychotherapy assists in breaking the bad habits through a combination of moderation, as well even more adaptive alternatives.

Addiction Therapist

David E. Frederick, PhD, NCTC-1

Clinical Psychologist

Within Driving Distance of Ironton, OH

It has been said that addictions such as severe gambling, overeating, alcohol and other drug abuse, sexual acting out, working hundred and 10 hours per week,… are nonprescription medications used to cope with unmet essential needs; e.g., for good relationships, satisfying employment, and healthy social outlets. Dr. Frederick aids the client in discovering the unmet need(s), pains from the long-ago which linger on, and unhealthy ways of being learned in childhood. For example, being told one will never amount to anything when one grows to adulthood, or one must be perfect to be appreciated. When the needs are discerned by the client with the aid of Dr. Frederick, and the blocks to fulfillment ....

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Addiction Treatment in Ironton OH.

Addiction can be devastating, not only to the one suffering but also to loved ones. Support groups in Ohio and counseling for gambling addiction in Ironton OH, sex addiction, Ironton OH internet addiction, drug addiction, and Ironton OH alcohol addiction are available tools for recovery. If you need a support group, counseling or treatment for addiction in Ironton OH, or need a therapist or treatment center to help treat alcoholism or a substance abuse counselor in Ironton, OH, Theravive has the right resources to help overcome dependency. Contact one of our addiction counselors today for rapid help and support.

Welcome to our network of therapists who specialize in addiction, Ironton OH. Treatment and counseling for addictions in Ironton: alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, internet addiction, and gambling addiction are some of the specializations our Ohio therapists have that can help bring you or your loved on on a new journey of recovery. Addiction counseling Ironton, OH and treatment can help put your feet on solid ground for new hope towards a better life.