Addiction Treatment Moncton. Counseling for Substance Abuse, Alcohol, Internet, Sex, and Drug Addictions.

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Addiction Therapist

Mathieu Cormier, M.A., CCC

Psychotherapist & clinical sexologist

Within Driving Distance of Moncton, NB

I offer porn addiction and sex addiction therapy. I also offer therapy for different paraphilias, which is intense sexual arousal towards atypical objects, persons or situations. In my opinion, different forms of sex addiction is related to two aspects. Very active sexual fantasies and the presence of a sexual ritual which has a temporary soothing, coping effect from anxiety/stress or feelings of emptiness that may be consciously known or unknown. The sexual ritual needs to be repeated often because it serves the purpose of temporarily reversing the emotions (i.e. feeling alive, powerful, wanted, etc.). The root cause of the anxiety/stress/emotional distress needs to be dealt with in therapy

Addiction Therapist

Tammy Daigle, BPsych., BSW, MSW, RSW

Clinical Social Worker

Within Driving Distance of Moncton, NB

Whether addicted to alcohol,drugs, gambling or food, the addicted individual acquire a better understanding of addictions and it's many layers. While going at the source of the maladaptative behaviour, the individual will gains tools and skills to effectively deal and challenge the thoughts and feelings, which encourage and support on-going abuse of the addictive element.

Addiction Therapist

Janice A. Graham, Ph.D., RCC

Psychotherapist - Professional Therapy by Phone & Email

Within Driving Distance of Moncton, NB

Addictions and all compulsive behaviours can take over our lives and waste our money, damage our relationships and wreck our health and maybe even get us in jail. There are many kinds of addictions, gambling, substance, sexual, some phobias, porn, internet, cutting and many more. Specialized addictions counseling or medical care is advised when appropriate. Supportive, non judgemental, compassionate counseling with Dr. Graham will help you get insight into why you turn to harmful addictive habits. You will learn to identify the needs you are trying to meet and learn ways to resolve these needs with more healthy behaviours. Twelve step programs and other support groups may be discussed.

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Addiction Treatment in Moncton.

Addiction can be devastating, not only to the one suffering but also to loved ones. Support groups in New Brunswick and counselling for gambling addiction in Moncton, sex addiction, Moncton internet addiction, drug addiction, and Moncton alcohol addiction are available tools for recovery. If you need a support group, counselling or treatment for addiction in Moncton, or need a therapist or treatment center to help treat alcoholism or a substance abuse counselor in Moncton, NB, Theravive has the right resources to help overcome dependency. Contact one of our addiction counselors today for rapid help and support.

Welcome to our network of therapists who specialize in addiction, Moncton. Treatment and counselling for addictions in Moncton: alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, internet addiction, and gambling addiction are some of the specializations our New Brunswick therapists have that can help bring you or your loved on on a new journey of recovery. Addiction counselling Moncton, NB and treatment can help put your feet on solid ground for new hope towards a better life.