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Grace Chen, PhD, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

300 Brickstone Square, Suite 201, Andover, Massachusetts 01810

Human emotions are like a big iceberg and we only see the tip of the iceberg flowing on top of the water. Anger is the tip of the iceberg. It is my belief that anger is a way to express different emotions that you have not connected yourself with, such as disappointments, frustrations, and hurts. My approach with the anger management is to understand the underlying emotions first. BY accurately connecting with the emotions you want to express, we can successfully express the emotions without always using anger as the primary emotions.

Annemarie Santangelo, LADC-I, CADAC-II, M.Ed., CCDVC

Psychotherapist, Addictions Specialist

The emotion of anger is neither positive or negative. It is simply an emotion. It is what we DO with the anger, HOW we react to being angry, that is most important. Unexpressed anger can turn to anxiety, depression and self-loathing. Additionaly, suppressed or denied anger can erode relationships, impact employment and negatively impact our health. In an educational and supportive environment, we exempllify and model effective anger management skills to help empower you. Healthy expressions of anger resolve conflicts, eliminate feelings of powerlessness, and increase self-esteem.

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