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Jonathan Gransee, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

313 W. Liberty Street, Suite 226, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603

In terms of managing your anger, it is important to understand that anger is often the minds' way of protecting you, or of defending you from something. Often, people feel as if they have been a victim of something, and then they will act out in anger because they feel as if they need to protect themselves. If you understand why, it may be easier to get past the point of simply having outbursts.

Paulina Posatko, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

1248 West Main Street, Ephrata, Pennsylvania 17522

Anger is one of the primary human emotions, but if you are struggling with an excessive amount of anger or a bad temper, therapy can give you new techniques to reduce your anger or to release it in a healthier way. Whether it be a coping mechanism, a way to distance yourself, or you dont know how to communicate without it, my goal is to address the source of your anger and then deconstruct those destructive patterns.

Amy Crawford, M.S.


225 S. Church St., West Chester, Pennsylvania 19335

Anger is profoundly powerful. It can protect, advocate, change, make itself heard, seen, felt. It is this power that makes it an easy tool, something that we are often taught - usually through difficult circumstances - to use. While there is a time and place for anger, it often overwhelms those boundaries and overshadows other useful tools as well - such as compassion, empathy, peacefulness, and patience. As your therapist, we work together to strengthen those other useful and powerful tools, while also working to look at the roots of anger and frustration and give them the attention and care that they need, so that they can be used in appropriate and mindful ways.

David Nicholson, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

516 East Lancaster Avenue, Downingtown, Pennsylvania 19335

Using the latest research that has been done on the brain, I help my clients with information, strategies and approaches that make all the difference. Understanding the emotional systems in the brain and utilizing techniques to manage anger effectively can be a freeing experience. People can change and learn to control anger that feels overwhelming.

Tracy Freitas, MS, LPC


407 West Lincoln Hwy Suite 50 West, Exton, Pennsylvania 19335

My task as a counselor is to educate my patient on how to feel his/her feelings. People receive information from what emotions they are experiencing, even anger. For example, maybe anger arises because of the need to set limits. Anger can help motivate a person to set appropriate limits. I would help my patient face his/her rage in session; without anxiety and without defense mechanisms kicking in. Once the client learns to tolerate his/her feelings, then and only then will they be able to take their Counselor's advice, including my own.

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