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Royce Malphrus, BCIA-C, AAMFT (clinical member)

PHD, Licensed Psychotherapist (LPC), LMFT, MAC

25 A Marshellen Drive, Beaufort, South Carolina 29902

I view anger as a cognitive and psychiological phenomenon. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to assist in the patients examining, and modifying, irrational self talk that leads to anger ("hot thoughts"). I also encorporate biofeedback to assist the patient gain control of his anger by slowing his heartrate down by several forms of diaphramatic breathing. Anger is a normal feeling but when a person is in high arousal mode, self defeating behaviors are probable.

Carol Erb, Ph.D

Board Certified Christian Marriage Coach

2015 Boundary Street, STE 211-213, Beaufort, South Carolina 29902

Are you an individual or couple who are dealing with anger due to difficulties in your marriage or relationship? At The Beaufort Center For Marriage you can find peace, lasting joy and the help you need in order eliminate conflict and strife from your marriage or relationship. I can help if you are single, dating, married or divorced. Phone or txt me today at 305-890-6987.

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