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Anger Management

Jayn Rajandran, LMFT, CGE, DTS, MA I/O Psychology

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

665 Lytton Ave, Palo Alto, CA

It is absolutely normal for people to get angry. It is only a problem if you are not able to control it and it overtakes you and has a negative effect or hurts the people around you. When the negative consequences are more frequent and you want to do something about it, then half of the battle is already won. Anger is an external emotion. I will guide you to peel the layers and look at where these things are stemming from. You will work on the root cause of the emotions and learn skills and tools that will help you control your emotions. You will work on ways to boost your confidence and self-esteem, learn how to build healthier and lasting relationships and express your emotions confidently

Anger Management

Adam Dorsay, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

1120 McKendrie Street, San Jose, CA 95126

Anger is an unpopular emotion. Most of us dislike feeling it or being in its presence. It is particularly unpleasant because, with anger, there may be a loss of control. In spite of the bad PR surrounding anger, it can be an important signal to tell us something's not right. I help people become more conscious of their thoughts, feelings, and blind spots around anger so they feel a greater sense of control over it (rather than vice-versa). I also assist people on alternative ways to communicate so they can express what is really bothering them and increase the likelihood of being heard and understood

Anger Management

Rob Grellman, LMFT, Psy.D.

Dr. Rob Grellman

3880 S. Bascom Ave. Suite 101, San Jose, CA 95124

Anger is normal and healthy and can actually help you, yet for most it’s about the mis-management and mis-understanding of anger that causes problems; so anger is not really the problem, it’s not fully understanding what it’s about and what can be done differently. Anger is generally about unresolved hurt and pain, expectations and needs not getting met, and having non-acceptance to certain parts of reality. Anger can be complicated as it can also entail unresolved grief, stress, depression, and anxiety. The hope is that you can gain clarity and discover healthier ways of coping and responding to what is causing the anger.

Anger Management

Jason Esswein, M.S., LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

San Jose, CA 95120

ANGER....something that we all have negative (if not traumatic) experience with. We are taught from a young age that it is no o.k. to feel or express anger. Unfortunately, simply because we ignore or suppress does not mean that it disappears. If left unacknowledged, it remains in our minds, hearts, and bodies. Further, the inappropriate expression of (or LACK of healthy expression) can cause severe damage to our most cherished relationships. Therapy is the ideal place for articulating, as well as learning how to effectively express, our anger. Remember, anger is only an internal alarm system telling us that something needs attention. It's what we do with it that matters.

Anger Management

René Bairos, RCC, MA Counselling Psychology, BA

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

4320 Stevens Creek Boulvard, Suite 220, San Jose, CA 95129

Anger is a common emotion people experience and acts as a clue to pay attention, be on alert, something is just not right. Unfortunately, it is not common on how to manage this emotion and either pretend that anger is not present or express anger without control, which damages yourself and those around you. The good news is that you can learn tools to express and manage anger so that it works as

Anger Management

Rachel Kane-Cooley, MA, LMFT, LPCC

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

1925 S. Winchester Blvd, Suite 106, Campbell, CA

Anger is an emotion that is generally not allowed in our culture. It is something that we tend to either avoid or overuse. The first step is awareness and taking ownership of what feelings belong to you and why. The second step is to find healthy ways to release the anger. And thirdly, therapy can help you express your feelings in a healthy format so that you can take better care of yourself and be the person you truly are.

Anger Management

Carrie Elizabeth Lin, MA, LPCC

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

155 E. Campbell Ave., Suite 109, Campbell, CA

Anger that is out of control can hurt our relationships and work lives. With self-awareness, you can learn to be in control of your anger - not the other way around. I can teach you to become aware of your anger, including bodily sensations, thoughts, and feelings. We'll identify triggers and help you create some space between the trigger and your reaction to it. Through awareness, you can make a choice about how to respond. Anger is often a result of stress, so we'll also work on reducing and managing your stress. Through our anger management work, you'll have better relationships, less conflict, and a greater sense of calm.

Anger Management

Verna Nelson, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

800 Pollard Road, Suite B-207, Los Gatos, CA

Do you regularly find yourself frustrated and angry at the people you want to be closest to and that you love the most? Do you strive to stay calm and balanced, but then find yourself going off on people at home or at work? I work with people to recognize how anger comes from unenforceable rules you create for how others, or you yourself, "should" behave. Unrealistic rules create expectations that you waste your life & energy trying to enforce in yourself and others. We will work together to understand the rules you have made that are realistic and helpful, and to give you the choice to change the rules that are creating unnecessary grief for you and the people who want to be close to you.

Anger Management

Joanne Shurter, LMFT

Psychotherapist, Marriage and Family Therapist

1101 S. Winchester Blvd. A101, San Jose, CA 95128

When you struggle with anger, it is hard to imagine that you could control it rather than it control you. Anger erupts, seemingly without warning. It causes you to lose opportunities and damages your relationships. It hurts those you love and need and, most of all, it hurts you. You don't like when you lose control. You are left with awful feelings - guilt, shame, remorse, or more anger. It fills your mind and your gut. In the end, you feel alone. You want to change and you need help. Therapy can provide a way to betterment. It is a way to work confidentially with someone who understands anger and can help you make lasting changes. Get peace inside and out. Make a call today.

Anger Management

Harry Motro, Psy.D., LMFT, P.C.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

3880 S. Bascom Ave., San Jose, CA 95124

I offer ANGER MANAGEMENT for COUPLES. I help you: -Understand your anger and how it developed in your relationship. - ID your symptoms: fast heartbeat, sweaty palms, confusion, concentration problems, pacing, swearing… - Find the anger in your body (burning in the chest, knot in the stomach…). - Use anger management tools (how to walk away, breathing techniques, rate your anger, distraction strategies, identifying primary emotions, exercise, keep an anger diary. - Address the emotions that underlie anger, such as fear, betrayal, abandonment and hurt. - Create a COUPLE anger management plan. You will feel relief and accomplishment once you gain control over anger.

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Anger Management in San Jose.

If you are dealing with uncontrolled anger, treatment and help through anger counseling San Jose will give you new resources and strength to overcome. Anger management San Jose, CA and anger support groups are available through professional California therapy from a trained counselor. There is no longer a need to be controlled by anger, frustration, or a short temper when a San Jose anger therapist is available to help. Find the most qualified and experienced San Jose anger counseling and San Jose, CA anger management by contacting one of our specialized anger support therapists today.

Welcome to our network of anger management therapists and counselors in San Jose, CA. Anger treatment, support groups, and counseling for anger is available to help you heal and resolve the issues that are hurting you. Our California professionals are licensed therapists and psychologists with experience and training specifically in anger management. San Jose anger specialists are ready to assist you. Select any of the qualified anger management therapists in San Jose below to find help.