Donna Westcott, M.Ed.

Resident in Counseling

Location: 5352 Twin Hickory Road, Glen Allen

Anxiety rings like an alarm bell next to your ear which no one else can seem to hear. It encompasses your mind, body, emotions, and spirit. In our counseling sessions, we will learn what sets off those alarms for you, what their message is, and how to de-activate the alarms by replacing them with more accurate and healthy thinking. We will use very specific activities designed to bring about these changes.

Delores Smith, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Location: 2301 Hilliard Road, Suite 7, Richmond

Anxiety and stress are common conditions in this fast paced, demanding world. Through brief therapy I help you recognize your stress,identifying when and where it shows itself and how your stress or anxiety is hurting you and those around you. Once identified I present ways of managing these conditions through relaxation techiques, like skills development and mild meditation.

Nedra Voorhies, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location of Therapist: Mechanicsville, VA

The client can expect relief from anxiety and stress through employing several simple cognitive behavioral techniques as utilized by Dr. Nedra Voorhies, LPC in psychotherapy. Relaxation techniques, EMDR, and guided imagery are engaged as appropriate with each individual person to decrease anxiety and stress so that a client's growth and development is maximized.

April St. John, MA

Marriage & Family Therapy

Location: 9137 Chamberlayne Rd., Mechanicsville

Do you feel overwhelmed and unable to keep up with the pace of life? Are stress and anxiety becoming a normal part of your life? You are not alone and nor should you be. Allow me to partner with you to identify the underlying causes of your unrest. I will partner with you in a non-judgmental and compassionate manner to assist you in gaining the tools towards a more balanced life.

Anxiety Ashland VA.

Anxiety disorders can affect anyone at any age. If you are suffering from panic attacks in Virginia or intense anxiety in Ashland VA, whether due to trauma, PTSD, stress, excessive worry, or struggling with an anxiety disorder, a licensed Ashland VA anxiety therapist or Ashland VA counselor who specializes in stress and panic will help. We hope you will contact a Theravive panic attack therapist Ashland VA for anxiety counseling in Ashland, VA, and discover a life that is worry free and equipped with tools to manage extreme stress.

Welcome to our network of anxiety treatment therapists and stress counselors in Ashland, VA who specialize in anxiety disorders and conditions. If you or a loved one is suffering from extreme anxiety, stress, or panic attacks, anxiety counseling Ashland VA through Theravive is your source for treatment and healing. A Virginia counselor or psychologist in Ashland who specializes in stress, panic, and anxiety disorders is ready and capable to help you or your loved one find hope and resolution.