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Stress & Anxiety

Paula Cherry, MA, LPC, LCAS

Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Addiction

6809 Fairview Road, Charlotte, NC 28210

Anxiety and stress can stop you from completing daily tasks, make you short tempered, damage relationships, and be harmful to your body and mind. Developing and practicing coping skills as well as making life choices can be helpful in reducing anxiety and stress. Sometimes when an individual is in the midst of these issues it is hard to see a way out and it can be helpful to discuss them with a therapist.

Stress & Anxiety

Amanda Shanks, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

6845 Fairview Road, Charlotte, NC 28210

Have you been feeling more stressed out and tense lately? Do your worries and fears interfere with your relationships or your ability to function at work or school? Believe it or not, a certain level of stress can be healthy and can drive people to be more productive; however, when stress becomes overwhelming, health, relationships, and productivity can begin to deteriorate. I utilize a strengths-based, individualized approach to helping my clients manage stress and anxiety. Clients will come away from therapy being able to identify sources of stress and have the coping skills necessary to effectively manage stress and anxiety in the future. Call today to set up an appointment.

Stress & Anxiety

Kevin Gyoerkoe, Psy.D.


8832 Blakeney Professional Drive Suite 105, Charlotte, NC 28277

Anxiety and stress are among the most common problems facing people today. The era we live in has even been called the "Age of Anxiety". Throw stress in there as well and both are problems we all face at times. If anxiety and stress get out of hand, however, they can make life difficult or even impossible. The good news is you can overcome anxiety problems and learn to manage stress. In my practice, I work with my clients to help them learn the tools to manage or even eliminate these negative feelings and get back to living the life they want--the life they deserve.

Stress & Anxiety

Lonnie Mullet, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

1905 JN Pease Pl, Suite 101, Charlotte, NC 28262

Anxiety and stress can be treated using a variety of cognitive behavioral interventions. Often the beliefs a person holds as well as the thoughts & feelings have a powerful physical effect including muscle aches, stress headaches, and even nausea. Relief can be found in relaxation techniques, meditation, and deep breathing; however, lasting relief comes by altering the thinking, which drives the anxiety from cues (internal thoughts, 'I've never been good at this', or this will always plague me) or from anxiety from future events (e.g. what if I lose my job?) Challenging these beliefs and learning to self-soothe can reduce panic attacks, shakiness, irritability and avoidance.

Stress & Anxiety

Blake Clemmons, MA, LPCA

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

2124 Crown Centre Dr. Suite 400, Charlotte, NC 28, Charlotte, NC 28227

My aim as an anxiety and stress counselor is to offer a compassionate and nonjudgmental environment which promotes healing and growth. I realize that coming to counseling can be intimidating especially with anxiety. I believe that you will find that you can relax and be yourself! I want to help my clients learn how to be able to relax, use self soothing skills, challenge their worried thoughts and negative beliefs about themselves that make their anxiety worse. I offer a hopeful and strengths based approach that helps utilize strengths and resilience's. I also work with my clients to help strengthen their support system and community.

Stress & Anxiety

Steffie Beard-Clark, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

4724 Park Road, Charlotte , NC

Anxiety and stress are nearly impossible to escape. These feeling exist within us for basic survival. Unfortunately, too many of us are flooded with external and internal challenges that keep our stress levels at maximum capacity. Having a therapist for anxiety and stress is a good barometer for making sure that the client is taking care of themselves, practicing good coping habits, and thinking habits as well. CBT is a great approach to clients with stress or anxiety as well as symptoms that may be diagnosed as obsessions or compulsions. Relaxation therapy is also used for decreasing stress which can be done within the therapeutic session.

Stress & Anxiety

Endora Crawford, Ph.D.

Life Coach

2150 Park Drive, Charlotte, NC 28204

Has a past experience left you feeling like you cannot reach your full potential? Negative life events (ie., a break up, divorce, or loss of a job)and serious traumatic events (ie., a tragic accident, military combat, loss of a loved one, school violence, bullying, domestic violence, and childhood abuse) can all cause stress and imbalance in your life. Through life coaching, I help individuals reconnect with their feelings and with others and safely move towards wholeness.

Stress & Anxiety

Heather Hall, MSW, LCSW


4724 Park Rd, Suite A, Charlotte, NC 28209

Stress and anxiety impact people of all ages! Though anxiety is pervasive, the method of treating it varies from person to person. In my work with clients struggling with stress and anxiety, I work with them to tailor a treatment plan that works best for them. Common treatment modalities that are integrated include: CBT, progressive muscle relaxation, grounding techniques, and mindfulness.

Stress & Anxiety

Robert Bushorn, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

120 Greenwich Road, Charlotte, NC 28211

Clients of all ages can learn to identify cognitive triggers that generate excessive anxiety . I will then help them practice and master using guided imagery, hypnosis, mindfulness-based strategies, meditation and defusing methods from Acceptance & Commitment Therapy in order to have a lifelong and personalized strategy for managing anxiety & stress on your own. I utilize strategies from MBSR, Eriksonian Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy in order to tailor a personalized approach you can use on your own for lifelong management of stress and anxiety.

Stress & Anxiety

Greg Preston, L.P.C.

LPC. Licensed Professional Counselor.

1945 J.N. Pease Place. Ste. 202, Charlotte, NC 28262

Anxiety & stress can be debilitating, or it can be like a pebble in your shoe. Many people have increased levels of stress that interfere with their daily living, and quality of life. Stress & anxiety may be adversely affecting your health. You don't have to just "live with it"! There are proven strategies that help to cope better. Learn to identify your stress triggers, beliefs (self-talk), and reactions to triggers. Then, be taught to perceive triggers differently. Learn to channel negative emotions into constructive, positive, fulfilling ways. Learn to communicate more assertively, vs. passively, or aggressively. Have better relationships, work, and personal fulfillment.

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Anxiety in Charlotte.

Anxiety disorders can affect anyone at any age. Panic attacks, stress, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), social phobias, agoraphobia, and PTSD are just some of the symptoms and conditions that a licensed therapist in Charlotte, North Carolina who specializes in anxiety can assist with. If you are seeking help, contact a Theravive therapist in Charlotte for anxiety and stress counseling and find new hope for a better life.

Welcome to our network of anxiety, stress, and worry treatment therapists and PTSD counselors in Charlotte, NC who specialize in anxiety disorders and conditions. If you or a loved one is suffering from extreme anxiety, stress, or panic attacks, anxiety counseling Charlotte through Theravive is your source for treatment and healing. A North Carolina counselor or psychologist in Charlotte who specializes in stress, panic, and anxiety disorders is ready and capable to help you or your loved one find hope and resolution.