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Stress & Anxiety

Connie Welsh, MA, PCC, BCN

Professional Clinical Counselor

3478 N. High Street, Columbus, OH 43214

I specialize in anxiety disorders. I am particularly excited about BAUD therapy for PTSD, phobias, social phobia, OCD and other anxiety issues. I have reduced flashbacks and nightmares due to PTSD and with only one session, a client with social phobia started talking to coworkers. If you can experience the fear by thinking about it I can reduce it and possibly eliminate it. Many times 4 or 5 sessions is all that is needed. This therapy is covered by insurance. I also do neurofeedback for anxiety. This is great for stabilizing emotions and helps with anxiety that you can not recreate like panic attacks.

Stress & Anxiety

Lea Ardovino, MA, PCC

Professional Clinical Counselor

6797 N. High Street, Ste 100, Worthington, OH

Anxiety is an unrelenting task master and won't let go until it has control over everything in your life. But fortunately no one has to suffer with the crippling effects of anxiety anymore. There are many effective treatments available. Understanding the logic of anxiety and how it can consume, narrow and take the joy out of life is one step toward getting control over it. Don't go another day dealing with this alone, please contact me today.

Stress & Anxiety

Radha Nadkarni, Ph.D.

Clinical Child Psychologist

2529 Oakstone Drive, Columbus, OH 43231

Different types of anxiety and fear can freeze a person and reduce their ability to act normally especially around unfamiliar territory. Cognitive behavioral and exposure therapy can teach your child how to control their anxiety levels, stop worry-provoking thoughts, and conquer fears/phobias. Additionally, Stress Management teaches a child how to cope with stress in a healthy way. Children can feel overwhelmed or stressed by their school, social life, and/or peer pressures. Unfortunately, you as a parent are unable to protect or shelter your child from experiencing stress. Teaching children helpful coping strategies can prepare them to cope with future life stressors.

Stress & Anxiety

Meers Inc., Consulting Psychologists

Licensed Clinical Psychologists

3246 Henderson Rd., Columbus, OH 43220

Take charge of your health by taking charge of your stress. There are different strategies that you can implement that will enable you to modify your habitual responses to stressful situations. One strategy involves understanding your fears and anxieties and what actions you can take to cope. Another is to intervene in the physical response. Did you know that when people are emotionally upset, they may unconsciously hold their breath? The resulting reduction in oxygen can actually induce anxiety. Therefore, one way to combat anxiety is to focus on your breathing and to breathe slowly and deeply. Contact me today and let me help you explore these strategies. -Dr. Linda Karlovec, Meers, Inc.

Stress & Anxiety

LIVE Wellness Center, Therapists

Mental Health Providers (LISW, PC, ATR, LISW-S, etc.)

1335 Dublin Rd. Suite 205 C, Columbus, OH 43215

LIVE Wellness Center values treatment for anxiety and stress to be comprehensive. In addition to typical techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, and psychodynamic therapy, our counselors use techniques such as relaxation training, deep breathing, and teaching stress management skills. Charity Ritter LISW specializes in treating anxiety in children and young adults through the use of Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. LIVE Wellness Center also offers massage and aromatherapy to address stress management and anxiety concerns.

Stress & Anxiety

Pete Lobert, PCC-S

Professional Clinical Counselor

4449 Easton Way, Suite 200, Columbus, OH 43219

Over the years I have discovered that most of our anxiety is rooted in the way that we think. It is my job, as your therapist, to help you identify those negative thought patterns and start to change them. As you start to develop awareness of the negative thoughts and dialogue you have in your head you are then able to challenge those beliefs. As you do you will find that your levels of anxiety and stress will come back down to manageable levels.

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Anxiety in Columbus.

Anxiety disorders can affect anyone at any age. Panic attacks, stress, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), social phobias, agoraphobia, and PTSD are just some of the symptoms and conditions that a licensed therapist in Columbus, Ohio who specializes in anxiety can assist with. If you are seeking help, contact a Theravive therapist in Columbus for anxiety and stress counseling and find new hope for a better life.

Welcome to our network of anxiety, stress, and worry treatment therapists and PTSD counselors in Columbus, OH who specialize in anxiety disorders and conditions. If you or a loved one is suffering from extreme anxiety, stress, or panic attacks, anxiety counseling Columbus through Theravive is your source for treatment and healing. A Ohio counselor or psychologist in Columbus who specializes in stress, panic, and anxiety disorders is ready and capable to help you or your loved one find hope and resolution.