Stephen Luther, MSEd, MEd, NCC, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location: 8320 Pennsylvania Ave., North Huntingdon

Christian Counseling for Anxiety and Stress "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear" I John 4:18 Unfortunately when people come to us with anxiety and stress they have often gotten more condemnation than love from people, even when that wasn't the intention. However, the Bible teaches that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1). At GWC we help people heal in a loving and accepting environment. At Grace Wellness Center, the invitation is open to every heart that has been broken, let us help!

Diane Bauer, LCSW

Owner/Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Location: 1817 Pennsylvania Avenue, West Mifflin

Throughout my years of practice I have worked with many people who have reported mild, moderate, and severe forms of anxiety. These also include OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and Panic attacks. By working on identifying stressor through counseling these clients have been successful and now live their lives without "worry" and are able to enjoy life again. The approaches that I use are CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), systems therapy, art therapy techniques, and many others. We will find what works best for you!

GrassRoutes Counseling Services

Location: 701 Schoonmaker Avenue, Monessen

Are you feeling anxious or stressed? We can help. Typically, at the root of anxiety and stress are the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness which is fueled by fear. Often times, our clients experience a significant decrease in anxiety and stress within the first session. That's because of our simple yet effective approach to treating anxiety and stress, which is rooted in cognitive-behavioral therapy and solution-focused therapy.

Constance Fischer, Ph.D., ABPP

licensed and boarded clinical psychologist

Location of Therapist: Pittsburgh, PA

I think that all clients (and therapists) experience anxiety and stress, and develop ways to cope with them. For situational anxiety and stress (that is, anxiety and stress due to a particular situation rather than being a longstanding problem), clients find it helpful to describe fully just what they are dealing with, and to know that they are indeed understood. Beyond that we explore whether the situation can be changed, and whether the person can/should leave it. We explore ways to maintain health during the stressful situation, relaxation techniques, and means of receiving social support. And we discuss alternative coping strategies.

Susan Stay and Associates, LCSW


Location: 321 Regis Avenue, Pittsburgh

We are very experienced in treating anxiety and stress. These are normal parts of life that impact us every day. Sometimes anxiety/stress can be so overwhelming that it is hard to think clearly or problem solve. Panic attacks can be debilitating and cause us to avoid any situation which may cause panic. We will adapt our modalities of CBT, EMDR, Mindfulness, DBT, and so forth to meet your needs and comfort so anxiety no longer controls your life.

Anxiety Greensburg PA.

Anxiety disorders can affect anyone at any age. If you are suffering from panic attacks in Pennsylvania or intense anxiety in Greensburg PA, whether due to trauma, PTSD, stress, excessive worry, or struggling with an anxiety disorder, a licensed Greensburg PA anxiety therapist or Greensburg PA counselor who specializes in stress and panic will help. We hope you will contact a Theravive panic attack therapist Greensburg PA for anxiety counseling in Greensburg, PA, and discover a life that is worry free and equipped with tools to manage extreme stress.

Welcome to our network of anxiety treatment therapists and stress counselors in Greensburg, PA who specialize in anxiety disorders and conditions. If you or a loved one is suffering from extreme anxiety, stress, or panic attacks, anxiety counseling Greensburg PA through Theravive is your source for treatment and healing. A Pennsylvania counselor or psychologist in Greensburg who specializes in stress, panic, and anxiety disorders is ready and capable to help you or your loved one find hope and resolution.