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Jeanne Clevenger, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Within Driving Distance of San Gabriel, CA

Stress is a part of life...but ongoing anxiety can negatively impact our well-being, including our relationships, jobs, and families. If you suffer from chronic worrying and the stress is just too much, there IS a better way to live. I will not only help you develop stress management techniques that work for you, but I will also help you shift the way you have typically coped with unwanted thoughts and feelings. Moreover, we can work to build self-awareness and insight into the core reasons behind your anxiety, which typically produces longer lasting transformation.

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Anxiety in San Gabriel CA.

Anxiety disorders can affect anyone at any age. Panic attacks, stress, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), social phobias, agoraphobia, and PTSD are just some of the symptoms and conditions that a licensed therapist in San Gabriel CA, California who specializes in anxiety can assist with. If you are seeking help, contact a Theravive therapist in San Gabriel CA for anxiety and stress counseling and find new hope for a better life.

Welcome to our network of anxiety, stress, and worry treatment therapists and PTSD counselors in San Gabriel, CA who specialize in anxiety disorders and conditions. If you or a loved one is suffering from extreme anxiety, stress, or panic attacks, anxiety counseling San Gabriel CA through Theravive is your source for treatment and healing. A California counselor or psychologist in San Gabriel who specializes in stress, panic, and anxiety disorders is ready and capable to help you or your loved one find hope and resolution.