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Career / Jobs Counselor

Kathleen Oravec, LMFT #51941

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

2118 P Street, Sacramento, CA 95816

Whether you' re dissatisfied with your current job/career and looking to make significant changes, or actively looking for a new job/career and can't find the right fit, I can help you explore your talents and passions and help you develop a plan of action to achieve your goals. Going to work each day and being miserable and unsatisfied is no way to live, neither is constantly being frustrated in your search to finding a satisfying position . Please contact me today so I can help support you through this phase in your life and help get you on on the right career path.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Heather Blessing, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

3336 Bradshaw Road Suite 320, Sacramento, CA 95827

Hating going to work everyday or maybe you are struggling to find work? Find where your passion lies. Find options you never knew existed. Find skills you never knew you had or you never knew that could become a new career. It is possible to get up and be excited for a new day at work and things to look forward to. Work does not have to be a painful chore that you must do to pay the bills - call now and see what direction may be the new career path for you!

Career / Jobs Counselor

Ursula Lewis, M.A.,LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

1501 Corporate Way Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95831

Whether you are feeling stuck in your career , wonder what your true calling in life is, have performance anxiety or a hard time relating to your co-workers, you deserve to have a fulfilling work life and career you enjoy? Are you unable to relax after work due to stress? I can help you explore your current stressors and concerns and help you explore solutions and options that will help you thrive in your chosen career and enjoy your daily work experience more.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Catherine Zanzi, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MFC # 53648

2000 L Street, Suite 150, Sacramento, CA 95811

Are you considering a job or career change? Have you recently left a job? Having successfully changed careers myself, I can help you navigate the mixed and often confusing emotions that can accompany such an important decision. Choosing a vocation can be challenging, exciting, and sometimes scary. It is a time when we need support and encouragement. Let me be an unbiased person who will listen, suggest alternative ways of looking at a situation, and offer support. I can help you convert a stressful time into a fulfilling life transition.

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