Bonnie Ayotte, MA, RCC

Clinical Counsellor

Location Near Therapist: Bellingham, WA
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Taller than the highest mountain. More powerful than a locomotive. Of more worth than the finest jewel. Our kids are the most valuable treasure on the planet... in the whole universe!!! And some of them are suffering horribly. Art and play come naturally to children. And art and play are the brain and body's premier means for restoring health and balance. When kids have to grow up too fast, they can forget how to create and play. More talking won't help. Most child issues are unspoken. Unspeakable. Art and play unite people. They balance the brain, and help children make sense of the world in a gentle way. Children heal best when their natural creativity is released. They have much to teach!

Anna Dos Santos, MA, RPC, MPCP, CGCDF,CCPCP.

Licenced Psychotherapist and Professional Art Therapist

Location Near Therapist: Bellingham, WA
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Your child’s emotions are real and run deep and wide. Young children experience life in concrete ways before they think about it in an abstract form. Their inner process is complex and often they don’t have the words to express their feelings and fears. Play and art therapy are often the best way for them to work through life traumas and critical incidents. Their brain preference and dominances also impact how they learn and experience life. Timely counselling interventions can make the difference between a contented child or a troubled childhood.

Dan Bue, BA, MA, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Location Near Therapist: Bellingham, WA
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Dan worked for 6 years as an elementary school counsellor and worked with over 450 children during that period of time, some of whom were as young as grade one. With the very young, he found the use of play therapy to be the most effective tool in eliciting positive change. He worked with a wide variety of individual needs, ranging from depression to anger management, but also worked with such group needs as peer mediation, bully-proofing and conflict resolution.

Jennifer Vauthrin, LRC

Registered Professional Counselor

Location Near Therapist: Bellingham, WA
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Our young generation is who will be tgere to take care of us in our future. To help these precious minds grow into an understanding of loving themselves therefore being able to be strong in our community. In order to do this helping our children believe in themselves, remove their insecurities, let them know they are loved unconditionally. Children are people to and have problems thst they face just one the rest of us. Be a part if their support

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