Amy Price, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Location: 1740 La Costa Meadows Drive, Suite 104, San Marcos
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I have a lot of experience working with young children using play therapy and expressive therapies. When appropriate and possible, I like to include the parents and siblings to play with us so that we can cement positive bonds from the child's understanding and developmental stage. Play therapy is a tremendous tool to access fears, hopes, dreams, and the strengths within the child to heal from divorce, grief or trauma.

Vicki Grove, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Location: 2385 S. Melrose Drive, Vista
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Teenagers are often misunderstood and feel unheard by the adults in their lives. I can provide that supportive, non-judgmental ear to teens who are struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, cutting, and social and parental relationship problems. I can also provide guidance for parents in parenting these wonderful teens in a way that invites love and respect.

Timothy Ryan, Ph.D., D.Div.,

Dr. Timothy Ryan

Location: 31708 Nira Lane, Bonsall
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I enjoy working with children because they are more transparent (less defended) and more teachable than adults. Children's misbehavior and acting out are attempts to meet needs like adults who act out attempting to meet needs. Like adults acting out is usually tragic and self defeating in its consequences. Helping children and adult learn authentic successful ways to meet their needs with communication skill training and Compassionate listening skills with family as part of the healing journey work best to make sure everyone's needs are addressed and met.

Andrew Last, L.M.F.T., C.S.A.T

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Location: 11665 Avena Pl. Suite #206 , San Diego
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Struggling with your child's behaviors? Is your child angry, depressed, or suffering from family issues? I work very well with children helping them to process their emotions and develop healthy ways of coping. I also spend a lot of time working with parents to equip them with the skills to connect with and better help their child navigate and overcome their current struggle. Every child's personality and situation is unique. This requires a therapist who can help problem solve with parents to find the best solution for their particular child. Rather than following a particuar formula I will work with you to give your child the help they need. Call today for a consultation.

Joanne Wendt, Ph.D.

Joanne Wendt, Ph.D.
Child Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist

Location: 12535 Camino Emparrado, San Diego (Rancho Bernardo)
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No man is an island and this couldn't be more true for a child in distress.When a child is having behavior disorders such as ADHD, ODD or emotional disorders of depression and anxiety, there is a great impact on the child's family as well. Dr. Wendt has successfully treated children with these disorders using a combination of individual and family therapy interventions to help manage and alleviate the symptoms that are preventng the child and his/her family from enjoying all what life has to offer. Educating and helping the child's family understand the dynamics of the disorder and how they can actively be part of the solution goes a long way in improving the emotional health of all members.

Ronald Reichard, MA, MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Location: 4407 Manchester Ave, suite 204, Encinitas
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When working with young children I make use of play exercises, as playing is one of the primary ways in which children express what is going on in their "world" both mentally and emotionally. I also place significant emphasis on their family life, as a child's behavior is strongly impacted by their home life. I also provide parent coaching in order to equip the parents with effective skills to manage the child's behavioral difficulties. I believe that effectively helping a child often requires both individual therpay with the child and family therapy.

Rebecca Friese, M.A., LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Location: 1831 S. El Camino Real, Encinitas
Fast Contact: Email or Call Rebecca.

Are you concerned about your child's problem behaviors? Are you worried about your child's fears or other troubling emotions? I work with children, teens and families to understand the issues driving a child's upsetting feelings or actions and bring true, lasting change. I enjoy connecting with children using play therapy, art therapy and sand tray therapy. I would be happy to talk with you about your child's issues and see what I can do to help. Feel free to call me at 760 566-5513.

Robert Wright

Robert J. Wright MA, MFT

Location: 41700 Ivy St. Suite B, Murrieta
Fast Contact: Email or Call Robert.

Do you have children who are angry, strong willed, disobedient, non compliant, throw temper tantrums, fight with siblings, and act out in school? Robert Wright ,licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, uses his experience as a husband, parent of five children and a counselor to help you establish a strong parent-centered family which is necessary to effectively parent youngsters. You will learn and develop practical strategies for helping your children become motivated to gain good self-control and in the process grow in genuine self-esteem, personal responsibility and happiness for life.

Aleksandra Drecun, Psy.D.

Aleksandra Drecun, Psy.D.
Child Psychologist

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Location: 12526 High Bluff Drive, Suite 300, San Diego
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Working with young children requires that the professional possesses specialized knowledge and skills that enable them to identify problem behaviors and formulate appropriate interventions that are developmentally appropriate for the child. As a psychologist trained to work with children and families, I develop individualized treatment plans appropriate to each child's and family's specific needs. Working with children, I use an playful approach which will engage the child in addressing any psychic conflicts they may be experiencing and find healthy ways to address those conflicts so that children can function at their most optimal level in all facets of life.

Stephanie Knatz Peck, Ph.D, BCIAA

Stephanie Knatz Peck, Ph.D, BCIAA
Child Psychologist

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Location: 4370 La Jolla Village Drive , La Jolla
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Knatz Peck.

Dr. Peck is a child and adolescent psychologist with extensive training and experience in working with children and adolescents between the ages of 7 and 18. She provides treatment and coping skills training for young children struggling with anxiety, stress, mood, and feeding issues. Therapy is focused on training children in a lifelong skill set that allows them to live a healthy, happy, and productive life. Life skills training includes the teaching and practice of concrete skills focused on managing and regulating emotions, tolerating stress, communicating with peers and family, and organization. Through parent training, parents learn to be their childs' skills coach.

Child Psychologist Escondido CA.

If you have children who need professional counseling, a child psychologist Escondido CA, child therapist with Theravive is the best place to turn to. Each Escondido CA child psychologist with us has experience and training working with children and understands the unique dynamics involved in the treatment of a child in California. We hope you will contact one of our Escondido CA children's therapists or child psychologists for Escondido, CA child counseling services and assessment.

Welcome to our network of California therapists who specialize in counseling for children. A Escondido CA child psychologist or child counselor is a vital resource for helping your child move through and heal from difficult issues for healthy development. All of the therapists and psychologists listed here specialize in helping children and do so with caring and compassionate values that are important to you. Choose a qualified child psychologist Escondido, CA, or select a Escondido CA child counselor to begin the vital process of healing and helping for your loved one.