Matthew Luckenbach, MA., LPC., RPT

Christian Counselor

Location of Therapist: Kansas City,, MO
Fast Contact: Email or Call Matthew.

As a play therapist I have specialized training in utilizing play to help your child achieve healing. Children often can suffer from the same issues that we can have as adults but express it in different ways. This is often misunderstood and requires a unique approach with parents to help find the ways to manage behaviors and explore problems within a child's life. My experience includes counseling children with an abuse or trauma history. Also, I have counseled many children and their parents who are dealing with ADHD and Autism. There are numerous benefits to play therapy which I offer at a very affordable rate.

Jeanneen Morris, M.A., L.P.C.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location: 9601 NE Barry Road Suite 220, Kansas city
Fast Contact: Email or Call Jeanneen.

Currently, I don't work with young children but I have two therapists that are excellent with children! Pamela Eisenreich specializes in children with trauma and abuse. Stephanie Butcher is a Behavior Specialist that has lots of experience with Autism.

Walt Moon, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location: 1150 Grand Avenue, Suite 620, Kansas City 64106
Fast Contact: Email or Call Walt.

Is your relationship with your child going rapidly out of control? Have you found it more and more difficult to discipline your child? Are you worried that something might be seriously wrong with a child in your life? I can help. I have been working with children and teens for over twenty years as a counselor and a minister. I come from the perspective that God has made each child beautiful. I believe that out-of-control behavior is often a child’s way of expressing things they have no other way to express. Together, we can explore new ways to interact with your child. I can help you find real-world interventions that are not only more effective, but that also work for you .

Adrienne Dreher, MA, NCC

Nationally Certified Counselor

Location: 4739 Belleview Ave., Kansas City 64112
Fast Contact: Email or Call Adrienne.

Play is key for everyone! Young children cannot communicate what they are feeling through words and expression like adults do. They have to tell us what is going on inside them through their play. When a child comes to my office I play a variety of games, do art projects, and allow free play to understand where they are. I believe it is also important for parents to be involved in their child's therapy. We may all play together!

Olufemi Sharp, MA, LPC, DBT

Licensed Professional Counselor and Life Coach

Location: 7611 State Line Road, Suite 135, Kansas City 64114
Fast Contact: Email or Call Olufemi.

I employ contemporary and alternative therapy methods when counseling children. I utilize praise, rewards, games, art, games, and music strategies to raise self-esteem. At the first visit I meet with the primary care givers to learn as much as I can about the child's difficulties. Afterward, I meet with the child alone for the majority of the sessions providing an opportunity for the child to express their feelings through the use of puppets and/or role-play. I communicate compassionately and effectively with the care givers in offering suggestions about parenting techniques and alternative ways to communicate with the child. I make myself available for home visits and in-school visits.

Child Psychologist Kansas City.

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