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Child Counselor

Amanda Vaske, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

2103 County Road D E, STE A, Maplewood, MN

It’s probably fair to say that most teens loathe the thought of therapy. Most teens are in therapy only because their parents and/or some adult in authority somewhere has told them they must see a therapist. Consequently, teens often find most standard, attempts to 'engage' them infuriating. In therapy, my goal is to help facilitate healthy maturation, to help develop a concept of an independent self, and to help the teen to develop/utilize positive coping strategies that will help reduce distress in everyday life and development.

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Child Psychologist in Maplewood MN.

If you have children who need professional counseling, a child psychologist Maplewood MN, child therapist with Theravive is the best place to turn to. Each Maplewood MN child psychologist with us has experience and training working with children and understands the unique dynamics involved in the treatment of a child in Minnesota. We hope you will contact one of our Maplewood MN children's therapists or child psychologists for Maplewood, MN child counseling services and assessment.

Welcome to our network of Minnesota therapists who specialize in counseling for children. A Maplewood MN child psychologist or child counselor is a vital resource for helping your child move through and heal from difficult issues for healthy development. All of the therapists and psychologists listed here specialize in helping children and do so with caring and compassionate values that are important to you. Choose a qualified child psychologist Maplewood, MN, or select a Maplewood MN child counselor to begin the vital process of healing and helping for your loved one.