Sharon Morley, LAMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

Location: 7411 E 6th Ave Suite 204, Scottsdale
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Too often, stress and responsibilities from outside the home can interrupt the harmony of family life. Your children may be acting out, conflict and emotions may be increasing, and parenting may be getting harder. You've tried just about everything and nothing seems to work. I'm a parent, I understand. I know how much you love your family and how difficult it can be. I am uniquely trained as a marriage and family therapist to help you implement parenting techniques that fit your family’s goals and values. I can help you reduce conflict and increase cooperation, communication, and connection… making family life easier for you and your children.

Bonnie Slater, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location: 7418 E Helm Dr Suite 118, Scottsdale
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Sometimes teen and children can benefit from counseling. It provides support and affirmation to children and teenagers while building their confidence to meet the many challenges they face. Counseling can keep children and teens grounded as they discover healthier ways to express themselves. Iss ues cab range from social anxiety, shyness, anger and impulsive or destructive behaviors young children can benefit from counseling. cope with stress and a variety of emotional and behavioral issues. Issues that can arise might include dealing with school stress, bullying, or peer pressure or major transitions such as a move or a divo

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

Location: , Phoenix
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Many times, child therapists overdo the family system in their quest to seek effective solutions for emotional, learning or behavioral concerns with young children. And many times doctors overpathologize issues that shouldn’t be medicated necessarily. This leaves parents wondering what is the best route for their child? Introducing brainwave optimization technology. A fast, effective, natural, and less expensive way to allow your child's brain to make the optimizing changes it desires to make---on its own! Without any external force, opinion, medication, diagnostic, etc. Contact or 877-606-6161.

Martin Keller, Ed.D.,ABPP, FAACP

Diplomate in Clinical Psychology

Location: 11020 North Tatum Blvd., Phoenix
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Dr. Keller has provided counseling and psychological services to children and adolescents for over 30 years. He collaborates with pediatricans, child psychiatrists, schools, parenting coordinators,speech and language therapsts and educational specialists. Dr. Keller has an interest in Attention Deficit Disorder,Learning Disabilities,Childhood Depression, Anxiety Disorders Mood Disorders, and Developmental Disorders. He focuses on parent -child relationships, parenting skills, and social skills, His approach to children emphasizes close involvment with parents and siblings. When appropriate Dr. Keller refers for medication evaluations to a variety of pediatric specialists.

Stuart Fensterheim, LCSW

Marriage and Family Counselor

Location: 7047 E Greenway Parkway Suite 250, Scottsdale
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My work regarding young children is treating the parents in helping them to develop a joint parenting model. In addition to work with the couple resolving their differences and reducing the conflicts in their relationship. I also can help evaluate children regarding Attention deficit disorder making recommendation to the parents in ways to work effectively with the schools

Child Psychologist Mesa AZ.

If you have children who need professional counseling, a child psychologist Mesa AZ, child therapist with Theravive is the best place to turn to. Each Mesa AZ child psychologist with us has experience and training working with children and understands the unique dynamics involved in the treatment of a child in Arizona. We hope you will contact one of our Mesa AZ children's therapists or child psychologists for Mesa, AZ child counseling services and assessment.

Welcome to our network of Arizona therapists who specialize in counseling for children. A Mesa AZ child psychologist or child counselor is a vital resource for helping your child move through and heal from difficult issues for healthy development. All of the therapists and psychologists listed here specialize in helping children and do so with caring and compassionate values that are important to you. Choose a qualified child psychologist Mesa, AZ, or select a Mesa AZ child counselor to begin the vital process of healing and helping for your loved one.