Mrs. Lee Strouse, MA, PC, RN, MSN

Professional Counselor, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Location: 228 Miller Rd., Suite 5, Avon Lake
Fast Contact: Email or Call Mrs. Lee.

I treat children ages 5 to 10. I enjoy working with children and find they usually open up to me. I teach children how to use self-comforting measures and identify and change negative thinking. Children I have worked with have been able to resolve problems and live with reduced feelings of depression and anxiety. I view all my clients as part of a family unit and involve the parent or caregiver in teaching skills to manage life and giving support to their children.

Kate Bremer, MS, PCC-S

Clinical Counselor, National Certified Counselor

Location: 21724 Lorain Rd Suite 2, Fairview Park
Fast Contact: Email or Call Kate.

As much as we love our children there are days when their behaviors are just out of bounds. At times like those it is difficult for parents to see past the outward behavior and have the calmness and patience to get to understand the underlying problem. Young children have an especially difficult time articulating feelings. They are much better at acting them out. Play Therapy is a wonderful way to help a young child express his or her feelings. My Play Therapy room is equipped with a variety of games and toys children can use as a means of self expression. As a therapist, I guide and support each child on the path toward healing. Parent involvement in the healing process is critical.

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