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Child Counselor

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

Vancouver, BC V6C 1H2

Many times, child therapists overdo the family system in their quest to seek effective solutions for emotional, learning or behavioral concerns with young children. And many times doctors overpathologize issues that shouldn’t be medicated necessarily. This leaves parents wondering what is the best route for their child? Introducing brainwave optimization technology. A fast, effective, natural, and less expensive way to allow your child's brain to make the optimizing changes it desires to make---on its own! Without any external force, opinion, medication, diagnostic, etc. Contact or 877-606-6161.

Child Counselor

Keisei Anzai, MA, RCAT, BCATR

Registered Art Therapist

659-A Moberly Road, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4B2

Working with children first needs to build trust. Spontaneous art is encouraged. No psychotherapy takes place, but it will be replaced by play in-between the art. Questions in a curious manner will be asked about images in the art but in a narrative form [story form] in order to discover and uncover crucial keys to the existing problem. Different kinds of art materials would be provided especially to find an art medium that will suit that particular child is important. Work towards having some kind of family support and understanding for the benefit of the child.

Child Counselor

Wendy Dubois, D.Min., RCC.

Registered Clinical Counsellor, The Daring Way™(Facilitator-Candidate CDWF-Candidate)

Suite 400-601 West Broadway Street, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4C2

Counselling can be intimidating for children because of fear that something is wrong with them. My approach is to build trust quickly so that the child feels safe with me. Role playing can be very helpful to use with children as is art therapy to help them communicate what is really going on for them. When using art therapy I find it is a nice distraction in a situation where they might not feel comfortable to communicate how they feel, art is a great vehicle to use for ones expression. Children are very resilient and I find that sessions with children and their guardian(s) prove to be highly successful within a relatively short period of time.

Child Counselor

CaraLynne McLean, M.C.P., R.C.C., B.C.A.C.C.

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Within Driving Distance of Vancouver, BC

Children need to feel that they are an important part of the family. A better understanding of your child and his/her unique desire to possess a specific “place” in the family will help to unravel how his/her beliefs about who he/she is may be affecting their reality and subsequent behaviours. Children may not possess the tools required to problem-solve effectively thus will turn to acting out. Providing a child with effective problem-solving techniques, self-esteem, trust and a sense of being understood is important for inner development.

Child Counselor

Britta West, MA, RCC, TITC-CT

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Clinical Traumatologist

Within Driving Distance of Vancouver, BC

Therapy and counselling for young children is a unique and delicate process. I have experience and expertise in working with young children in a safe, relaxed and healing way. I believe that children are highly resilient and intuitive and therapy can be very effective and rewarding for them. As an adjunct to my approach, I offer intensive support to parents in gaining understanding and insight into their child's behaviors, even if they are highly difficult to manage. I also welcome any and all families with children who have mental health diagnoses as I have expertise in that area as well. Contact me for a free consultation to see if I am the right fit for you and your child.

Child Psychologist

Marjolaine Limbos, Ph.D, R.Psych.

Registered Psychologist

601 West Broadway Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4C2

very child is unique and getting a true understanding of the individual child’s strengths and challenges is a complex process. A child who appears to be having trouble with behavior or learning could have challenges in any number of areas including cognition, learning, attention, executive function, or emotion regulation, to name a few. Dr. Limbos has a broad range of experience in clinical and school psychology and will conduct a thorough and comprehensive assessment, and formulate a treatment plan for children who present with issues including the following: Learning Disabilities Giftedness Developmental/Intellectual Disabilities Autism Spectrum Disorders Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Behavioral Difficulties Depression...(view profile to read more)

Child Psychologist

Aaron Lautzenhiser, R.Psych.

Registered Psychologist

3195 Granville Street, Suite 202, Vancouver, BC V6H 3K2

In my practice, I work with preschoolers, school-age children, teens, and young adults. I conduct psychoeducational and neuropsychological assessments for learning disabilities, giftedness, ADD and ADHD, organization problems, memory difficulties, developmental delays, FASD, head injuries, and other challenges. I also provide Cogmed training for attention and working memory difficulties. Cogmed can help children with ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, and executive functioning problems. Cogmed can help your child to improve their short-term memory, stay on task, and concentrate in school. If you’re concerned about your child’s learning, I look forward to hearing from you.

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If you have children who need professional counselling, a child psychologist Vancouver, child therapist with Theravive is the best place to turn to. Each Vancouver child psychologist with us has experience and training working with children and understands the unique dynamics involved in the treatment of a child in British Columbia. We hope you will contact one of our Vancouver children's therapists or child psychologists for Vancouver, BC child counselling services and assessment.

Welcome to our network of British Columbia therapists who specialize in counselling for children. A Vancouver child psychologist or child counselor is a vital resource for helping your child move through and heal from difficult issues for healthy development. All of the therapists and psychologists listed here specialize in helping children and do so with caring and compassionate values that are important to you. Choose a qualified child psychologist Vancouver, BC, or select a Vancouver child counselor to begin the vital process of healing and helping for your loved one.