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Mark Smith, Masters (Coun), PACCP (Certified)

Dr. Mark S. and Theresa M. Smith

605 Scott St., Laporte, IN

We practice Biblical Counseling. That means we believe the Scriptures are sufficient to show us who we are and what we need. We believe God's Word has the answer to the heart issues of life. We don't just cut and paste a Bible verse to problems. We use the whole of Scripture to show you how the stories of His Word have present day application and insight for our benefit. We believe His Word is alive!

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Christian Counseling in Laporte IN.

Christian counseling Laporte, IN is offered by the same licensed credentialed therapists, but with a focus on spirituality and Biblical guidance. Christian marriage counseling Laporte IN through Theravive will put your family and your relationship as a priority over separation and divorce. Our Laporte IN Christian counselors will help guide your life in Indiana through the lens of Christian principles so that you can navigate the right path ahead. Contact a Laporte IN Christian marriage therapist or Laporte, IN Christian counselor to begin your new journey of discovery and healing.

Welcome to our network of Laporte IN Christian counseling for marriages, families, relationships, and individuals. If you are seeking a Laporte Christian marriage counselor or Christian therapist, our professionals are able to help you. Emphasising Christian and Biblical truths, therapy with a licensed Christian counselor in Laporte, IN can help bring you through the issues you face, and restore your life to the right path.