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Sandra A. Shachar, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

225 S. Meramec Ave., Suite 432T, st louis, IL

I am a Certified Spiritual Direction and can work with those clients who want to address spiritual questions and concerns. These clients come from many different faith traditions - Muslim, Christian, Jewish or Agnostic, and I receive each with deep respect for their beliefs . As a Certified Spiritual Director, I am a trained companion for those on a journey of questioning and seeking. Unlike psychotherapy, the focus of SD is not on "fixing" something in your life, rather it is about deeping your awareness of the spiritual/sacred nature of being human - such as when we are aware of being connected to all living beings and being a part of something beyond ourselves.

Christian Counselor

Tyler Sparks, MA, LPC, NCC, CCSAS

Licensed Professional Counselor

12166 Old Big Bend Suite 204, Saint Louis, IL

I whole-heartedly and without shame expose my belief that Scripture comes from God and informs my beliefs and worldview. It is part of this belief that these words in Scripture are from God and beneficial for teaching, correcting, challenging and training, helping us move toward righteousness. These words have also personally brought me much comfort and I believe they offer this to you as well. With that said, it is not my desire to force this belief on anyone. Controlling others is contrary to everything else I do in my office. Rather, I trust that as you find integrity in what you do and what you say, you'll be that much closer to trusting God for all that he has in store for you!

Christian Counselor

David Wilde, MA, LPC, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor

12166 Old Big Bend Road, Suite 204, St. Louis, IL

It is my belief that good and successful counseling incorporates the spiritual. We are whole people, with each part influencing the others. Treatment of any disorder (e.g. anger, depression, family conflict), therefore, is strengthened when it incorporates areas such as faith, hope, and change. Furthermore, when in the midst of difficult situations, reminding ourselves of God's power and goodness is a needed refuge.

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Christian Counseling in Swansea IL.

Christian counseling Swansea, IL is offered by the same licensed credentialed therapists, but with a focus on spirituality and Biblical guidance. Christian marriage counseling Swansea IL through Theravive will put your family and your relationship as a priority over separation and divorce. Our Swansea IL Christian counselors will help guide your life in Illinois through the lens of Christian principles so that you can navigate the right path ahead. Contact a Swansea IL Christian marriage therapist or Swansea, IL Christian counselor to begin your new journey of discovery and healing.

Welcome to our network of Swansea IL Christian counseling for marriages, families, relationships, and individuals. If you are seeking a Swansea Christian marriage counselor or Christian therapist, our professionals are able to help you. Emphasising Christian and Biblical truths, therapy with a licensed Christian counselor in Swansea, IL can help bring you through the issues you face, and restore your life to the right path.