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Christian Counselor

Patrick Holley, M.Div, MA, LPCC

Licensed Professional Counselor

2505 Larkin Rd. Suite 104, Lexington, KY

Christian Counseling is our specialty. The Bible teaches that our core problems stem from our desire to be validated and loved by others and to protect ourselves. When we do not experience this love, respect and a sense of worth, pain comes to the surface and we experience hurt, anger, anxiety, depression and other destructive emotions. Together we can journey into the depths of God's love and anchor our soul firmly in Him by faith. By our faith in God we can learn to release control of other people and situations we cannot control and to live a life of love flowing in and through us to others unimpeded by self-concern or fear.

Christian Counselor

Dan Pugel, MA

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

2333 Alexandria Drive, Lexington, KY

Biblical Counseling is another way to describe this approach. Simply put, there are time-tested principles that are just a powerful and factual as gravity by which to live by. We can attempt to defy this but will often be left with dire consequences. These principles are often simple yet not so easily done. Counseling also includes healing prayer and reliance on the wisdom, guidance and direction of The Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Biblical or Christian Counseling seeks to get behind the beliefs and burdens that hinder and block the paths to freedom. Keith Miller profoundly said, "It is the pain of living that creates a hunger for healing that only God can satisfy."

Christian Counselor

Robin Gorton, MA, LPCC

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

January 2016: 108 W High Street, Lexington, KY

Oftentimes Christians who are struggling with a significant problem feel stuck and full of shame. God loves you unconditionally and desires for you to have freedom, peace and purpose in your life. I will listen non-judmentally, help you develop a biblical outlook on who you are in Christ, and will teach you practical skills for daily living. This may include communication skills, setting appropriate boundaries, ways to connect to God in prayer, or other skills appropriate to your situation. Come in for a session and let's put a plan together.

Christian Counselor

Trisha Jarnagin, MS, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

501 Darby Creek Rd Ste 50, Lexington, KY

Your faith is intrinsic to who you are. Working through Him you can accomplish so much! Together, with a faith based perspective, we will talk about and work through those issues and concerns you have. You individual level of comfort will guide those sessions and how much of an influence your faith and belief system has in them. I work as a guide and sounding board for those discussions and self-reflections.

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Christian Counseling in Wilmore KY.

Christian counseling Wilmore, KY is offered by the same licensed credentialed therapists, but with a focus on spirituality and Biblical guidance. Christian marriage counseling Wilmore KY through Theravive will put your family and your relationship as a priority over separation and divorce. Our Wilmore KY Christian counselors will help guide your life in Kentucky through the lens of Christian principles so that you can navigate the right path ahead. Contact a Wilmore KY Christian marriage therapist or Wilmore, KY Christian counselor to begin your new journey of discovery and healing.

Welcome to our network of Wilmore KY Christian counseling for marriages, families, relationships, and individuals. If you are seeking a Wilmore Christian marriage counselor or Christian therapist, our professionals are able to help you. Emphasising Christian and Biblical truths, therapy with a licensed Christian counselor in Wilmore, KY can help bring you through the issues you face, and restore your life to the right path.