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Royce Malphrus, BCIA-C, AAMFT (clinical member)

PHD, Licensed Psychotherapist (LPC), LMFT, MAC

25 A Marshellen Drive, Beaufort, South Carolina 29902

I envision couples therapy or couples training as an opportunity to improve communication in their relationship. Active listening is a critical skill in developing a great relationship and can be learned, implemented rather easily with motiviated individuals. One of the greatest gifts a person can offer to another is to listen to them at a deeper level and to hear and paraphrase their statements. In my view, this skill is critical and is a key to improving relationships and enhancing our personal growth.

Carol Erb, Ph.D

Board Certified Christian Marriage Coach

2015 Boundary Street, STE 211-213, Beaufort, South Carolina 29902

Do you feel like the problems in your marriage are at the point that you can't stand it any longer? Are you thinking the issues you and your spouse are having could possibly ruin your marriage? Are you ready for an unbiased party to show you skills so you can have the relationship you truly want? Or, maybe you are not sure you should continue in this marriage, you feel stuck and you need help with your options. I will help you with the skills you need to to move forward. Don't wait for things to get worse! Call 843-694-1903 to schedule an appointment or go to and schedule a free no-charge consultation.

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