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Couples Counselor

Jennifer Ballerini, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

8080 Madison Ave, Ste 200 D, Fair Oaks, CA

Whether you are a new couple hitting a few bumps or a couple suffering from years of disconnection, don't hesitate to reach out--couple therapy can help. I'm a psychologist and couple therapy expert who's passionate about helping couples reconnect and find the safety and closeness they've been longing for. I have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), an approach that research has shown to help 90% of couples get better. I can help you improve communication and intimacy, rebuild trust and closeness, let go of old hurts, and connect on a deeper level.

Couples Counselor

Jon Holmes, M.Div., M.A., L.M.F.T.

Licensed Psychotherapist

7996 Old Winding Way, STE 300, Fair Oaks, CA

I specialize in working with couples that have trauma, addiction and mental health concerns impacting the relationship. Often relationship difficulties are a symptom of another area that is needing attention, compassion and care. Couples counseling can be a frustrating experience when progress is hampered by other factors that are not easily seen or considered obvious. This is a very important part of effective couples work and often provides earlier positive results because the issues harming the relationship are brought to the surface and compassionately addressed.

Couples Counselor

Nancy Ryan, LMFT

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

10235 Fair Oaks Blvd, Suite 203, Fair Oaks, CA

Couples counseling can help when your are having difficulties in your relationship. Whether you are in a relationship, looking for pre-marital counseling, living together, or married, therapy can help you with your connection, communication, your ability to reduce conflicts, reduce resentments, and restore passion and intimacy. It can help your relationship if even just one of you come without your partner. When one person makes shifts in the relationship it can make positive changes as well. Many couples wait longer than necessary hoping the problems will just go away. Don't wait until it's too late. Get help and change the course of your relationship.

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