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Couples Counselor

Christensen and Sons, LLC, One Family Serving Others

Erik Christensen, LCSW***Lloyd Christensen, MSW, LSW

19027 Jodi Road Suite H, Mokena, IL

Do you believe that counseling is just for unhappy couples? Counseling gives each partner involved: basic tools and strategies to enrich their communication: show respect for their partner, as well as themselves; and grow in healthy ways. It can be a valuable addition to any relationship. Counseling is a priceless opportunity for couples who want to build a healthy and long-lasting relationship. With the growing number of unsatisfied couples in relationship, counseling or coaching from a professional can be the crucial step for improving your relationship, helping each of you work on key concerns that are causing conflict, and working towards progress with each session. Our counselors, at Chris....

Couples Counselor

Sharyn Ingrum, Psy.D.


9550 Bormet Dr (192nd st) Suite 102, Mokena, IL

Couples counseling shares many of the same dynamics as family therapy. Each individual brings to the relationship their own unique view of the world as learned in their family of origin. As couples grow together, they may become stuck in repeated dysfunctional patterns and can fail to see their own part in the issues. I work to help couples open their communication and their hearts to the changes that can be achieved.

Couples Counselor

Corinne (Cory) Kalat, MS, LCPC, CADC, PCGC, CHt

LCPC - Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

There are many different types of couples with whom I work - Traditional, Re-Married After Being Widowed, Step-Families, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender. Each couple and each relationship is special and unique. Therefore, the strategies we use to improve, change or dissolve/uncouple the relationship will be distinct for each pair of partners and will be based on the partners' goals.

Couples Counselor

Teri Murphy, MS, LCPC, CADC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

115 E. First Street, Suite 2W, Hinsdale, IL

Couples counseling in one of my areas of expertise. Many clinicians refer couples to me because of my years of success in working with this population. I believe each couple brings in their own unique set of circumstances, thus I do not use one standard "formula" in my approach. You will find your time in therapy with me as an experience of feeling respected, being deeply understood, with the ultimate result of positive and constructive change in your relationship. Are you ready to find fulfillment and joy in your partnership? If so, then please contact me at your convenience.

Couples Counselor

Donald Olund, MA, LCPC, NCC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

911 N Elm St. Suite 316, Hinsdale, IL

Some of my clients call it a gift. I know it is my passion. Couples counseling is a perfect fit for me. I get energized whenever a new couple comes to see me. As a communication, relational specialist, I get to know my couples individually and as a couple by taking time to carefully listen and understand them. This allows me the opportunity to help them understand each other and where they are likely stuck in their relationship. Once I identify the negative pattern, I assist the couple in shifting the pattern into one that is mutually respectful, caring, accommodating, and enriching. As a result of my extensive couples work I am currently writing a book on respectful relationships.

Couples Counselor

Roberta Vondrak, MA, LCPC, CADC


Woodland Building, 101 Royce Road, Suite 10, Bolingbrook, IL

I have experience working with couples, whether in dating relationships or marriage, to learn better communication and relational skills and improve their relationships. I've worked with issues, such as infidelity, trust issues, losses, separation and divorce, financial struggles, blended families and parenting skills, and have completed Marriage Works, a 30 -hour training program through the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Couples Counselor

Mid America Psychological and Counseling Service, P.C.

Mid-America Psychological and Counseling Services,

1600 Torrence Avenue, Suite #200, Calumet City, IL

Couples experience and bring into their relationships past histories of emotional and cognitive issues that impact on their current relationship. When events occur that cause distress couple can experience intense and deep pain over the new developments or opening of old wounds. Treatment therefore needs to encompass their capacities to handle and overcome these experiences that interfere with their intimacy and closeness.

Couples Counselor

Tompkins and Associates, Psy.D. and Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologists

We strive to understand your unique challenges as a couple. We look at what each of you bring to the equation of your union and how the manner in which each of you handle your difficulty may contribute to the continuation of the problem. We also look at the your individual development, history and family of origin experiences as important clues.

Couples Counselor


Licensed clinical social worker

5224 Main Street 2nd floor, Downers Grove, IL

Entering into a new relationship can be hard. It requires work. The work may cause challenges that are small and big. In couples therapy, couples learn how to work together on their challenges. Through coaching, they learn techniques that work for them to help them to better communicate. . They will learn what their strengths are and their weaknesses as a couple.

Couples Counselor

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

What are the most common couples' issues? If you are thinking "communication, conflict, sex, money, child rearing" you are correct. However, most therapists will go after the symptom on each side of the couple fence thinking that the way to effective change is by getting each party to "work" on their respective "issue". Many times the parties don’t agree but comply. Imagine if you could align the unconscious brains of a couple and stop the "working on your issues" part that has become so popular in therapy settings? Contact to learn how! Or call 877-606-6161. DR. FLEMING'S NEW RELATIONSHIP/COUPLES INTENSIVES.

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Couples Counseling in Orland Park IL.

If your relationship needs vital help, couples counseling Orland Park IL is a life giving resource to identify and resolve the underlying issues between you. Illinois therapists are available to you with Theravive. Relationships are hard work, and sometimes a professional couples therapist Orland Park IL is an important asset in helping two people navigate through. We want to help you build your relationship and find the right path ahead. Orland Park IL couples counseling from a licensed couples counselor Orland Park, IL is ready to lend itself to your life together.

Welcome to our network of couples counseling and realtionship therapists in Orland Park IL. Couples therapy and couples counseling Orland Park, IL with a licensed and experienced therapist will strenghten your relationship and help resolve the issues that are causing you to struggle. Our Illinois psychotherapists are trained in understanding the complex dynamics of relationships that couples face- how they fail, and how they thrive. Choose a Orland Park IL couples counselor below and start your new journey towards a healthier relationship.