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Couples Counselor

Carla Gehle, MS, LCPC, NCC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

1101 Perimeter Dr. Suite 450, Schaumburg, IL 60173

Couples therapy is an area I really enjoy. Utilizing a direct, solution-focused approach, I help couples address a variety of issues including communication problems, infidelity, and intimacy issues. I help clients to become more effective communicators, better listeners, and resolve conflicts more successfully while remaining neutral and non-judgmental. I work with all types of couples including those who are dating, engaged, married, and/or contemplating separation or divorce.

Couples Counselor

Rae Mazzei, Psy.D., CADC, BCB

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

1827 Walden Office Square, Schaumburg, IL 60173

Do you feel disconnected from your partner? Are you tired of all the arguing? Couples seek therapy for many reasons, including poor communication, lack of connection, disagreements, parenting differences or even infidelity. Whatever your concerns are, I have experience working with couples to improve relationship dynamics in a nonjudgmental and encouraging therapeutic environment. My goal is to help couples manage through trying periods and to develop effective ways to improve communication and interactions. I will work closely with your partner and you to help reonnect you to the relationship that you were always wishing for.

Couples Counselor

Alisha Rybicki, MA, LCPC, NCC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

1305 Wiley Road #131, Schaumburg, IL 60173

For couples who are not currently married but may be thinking of moving forward in their relationship (i.e. moving in together, getting engaged, getting married, etc) and are struggling, I offer couple's counseling with a focus on improving communication, increasing respect of boundaries and each other, and helping the couple to find a good work-life balance.

Couples Counselor

Ralph Whetstine, Psy.D., ACHT

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

830 E. Higgins Rd., Ste. 104H, Schaumburg, IL 60173

What are the barriers to your individual and shared experience of life? What are the factors that can best aid you in achieving your desire for a harmonious union in your relationship. Frequently communication is a starting point that reflects individual challenges in effectively addressing emotional needs, forms of co-dependency, and long-standing ineffective habits. Working from treatment methods informed by the treatment theories of John Gottman, I seek to help clients learn to speak and interact in ways that reflect their vision for the relationship and not the unexamined habits of the past.

Couples Counselor

Kelsey Wechter, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

1101 Perimeter Drive, Schaumburg, IL 60173

Whether a couple is on the brink of divorce, simply looking to improve their relationship, or somewhere in between, I can help. I can help couples address a variety of issues including communication problems, infidelity, and intimacy issues. Utilizing a neutral setting, I help clients to become more effective communicators, better listeners, and resolve conflicts more successfully.

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Couples Counseling in Schaumburg.

If your relationship needs vital help, couples counseling Schaumburg is a life giving resource to identify and resolve the underlying issues between you. Illinois therapists are available to you with Theravive. Relationships are hard work, and sometimes a professional couples therapist Schaumburg is an important asset in helping two people navigate through. We want to help you build your relationship and find the right path ahead. Schaumburg couples counseling from a licensed couples counselor Schaumburg, IL is ready to lend itself to your life together.

Welcome to our network of couples counseling and realtionship therapists in Schaumburg. Couples therapy and couples counseling Schaumburg, IL with a licensed and experienced therapist will strenghten your relationship and help resolve the issues that are causing you to struggle. Our Illinois psychotherapists are trained in understanding the complex dynamics of relationships that couples face- how they fail, and how they thrive. Choose a Schaumburg couples counselor below and start your new journey towards a healthier relationship.