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Couples Counselor

Velma Noble, BA, MA, CCC, CPC, PAg (Ret)

Certified Clinical Counsellor (CCC), Certified Professional Counsellor (Pastoral) CPC)

203, 6628 Crowchild Trail SW, Calgary, AB, Calgary, AB T3E 5R8

Precious few of us are naturally equipped with adequate relationship skills. All too often we find ourselves adrift in unhappy love relationships where unresolved issues and resentments have built seemingly impenetrable walls between partners. My model of choice for couples is relational therapy. I teach the partners how to become a safe, healing and loving presence for each other, building skills that allow the partners to reconnect through empathy and compassion (and let go of contempt and anger). It advocates self-leadership (i.e. each partner takes responsibility for his/her own feelings and to understand how each partner contributes to the conflict). My concept of relational therapy end....

Couples Counselor

Murray Molohon, M.A. Registered Psychologist

Registered Psychologist: Counselling Services of Calgary

209, 317-37 Ave N, Calgary, AB T2E 6P6

Couple therapy is an area of focus that helps couples to learn to comminicate better. Often there are a variety of communication errors that are not understood and are not know how to change in relationships. Learning to foster a supportive relationship is also a major area of focus. Often if couples feel supported and have some better communication skills they can work out a variety of difficulties. Often issues occur that are difficult to change and intolerable. Learning the root issues of these difficulties and what leads to real change often leads to couples supporting each other with difficulties they previously fought about or that led to distance in the relationship.

Couples Counselor

Journey Counselling, Inc., MA, MSc, R.Psych, RMFT, CCC

Reg. Psychologist, Marriage & Famly Therapist, Counsellors

1404 10 Street NW, Calgary, AB T2M 4M8

Every relationship has its challenges. Have the fights increased, are they about little things? Are you growing apart, can you feel the tension more often than not? Do you just need an objective third party to hear both sides? Are you suspecting an affair or has there been one? How do we know when to keep trying or to move on? Calgary couples, marriage and relationship counselling can help! Discover ways to honor your partner's differences, learn to re-build the friendship part of the relationship, grow in intimacy and develop stronger communication skills. Learn to fight fair and resolve (resolveable) issues so they don't keep coming back.

Couples Counselor

Robert Hammel,

Registered Psychologist

202 4603 Varsity Drive NW, Calgary, AB T3A 2V7

I employ the well researched and proven approach from the Gottman Method to help couples learn about and develop new ways to appreciate and develop greater fondness for each other. I help clients realize that truly the core of an intimate relationship is really friendship, and not necessarily the all encompassing passion and always being "in love" that popular media/culture have led us to believe that marriage should always be about. Marriages naturally wax and wane, and aren't always perfect; sometimes people fight and disagree and that doesn't always have to end in separation or divorce. There are no perfect marriages -- just ones that are good enough to make us feel happy and content

Couples Counselor

Brenda Duncan, MSW RSW

Clinical Social Worker

132 - 17th Avenue NW, Calgary, AB T2M 0M6

Working with relationships, I respect each person's perspective and encourage both of you in the process of discovering how you can be more effective as partners in building a better life together. However painful your conflict or disconnection may be right now, there is room to develop interest and skills to enhance the relationship and work together to deal with challenges you face. How we work together depends on your goals and unique circumstances. We will develop a process of counselling which recognizes and values each of you and supports the building of a central, meaningful partnership.

Couples Counselor

Terry Lindberg, M.Ed., R.Psych.

Registered Psychologist

Suite 354, Gulf Canada Square Building, 401-9th Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3C5

Relationships are both difficult and rewarding. Like most things of value, however, these intimate connections require intentional work in order to remain healthy and rewarding. Whether you are beginning a relationship or wishing to enhance an existing one, therapy can help you to discover and value each other's "owners manual" , communicate more effectively, and resolve conflict in a more timely and effective fashion.

Couples Counselor

Lynne Goertzen, BJ, MA

Registered Psychologist

Suite 105, 2003 - 14 Street N.W., Calgary, AB T2M 3N4

I work with couples (married, common-law, or dating, heterosexual or same-sex) to enhance relationships and build connection. I have training in, and utilize, a wide range of interventions and strategies from emotion-focused therapy, Gottman's couples therapy, CBT, among others. I can help you improve the quality of your relationship, consider alternative perspectives, communicate your requests and your caring to your partner, learn and practice effective problem-solving, and co-construct your future. In our work together, I will also ask you to practice skills at home and perhaps do some reading as the work and benefits of counselling occur largely between, rather than inside, sessions.

Couples Counselor

Glenn Rau, M.Ed., R Psych.

Registered Psychologist

# 205, 259 Midpark Way SE, Calgary, AB T2X 1M2

Relationships can be measured on two levels: stability and satisfaction. Sometimes the first goal is to stabilize the relationship (like after an affair). But most of us want more than just stability: we actually want to get along with and enjoy our partner. Fortunately, there has been a lot of relationship research that points the way to the knowledge and skills that are needed in order to achieve this. I love working with couples, and seeing their dynamics improve. I know that things can get pretty bad at times, and you can feel like your relationship is spinning out of control in a negative way. It may take some time, but improvements are genuinely possible. I've worked with very young ....

Couples Counselor

McNaughton and Associates Counselling Inc.

Certified Professional Counsellors

Within Driving Distance of Calgary, AB

Gain the benefit of focused counselling for your relationship through the use of key instruments. Choose between Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis and Prepare-Enrich. Both tools in their own way identify key areas of strength and growth, and are an effective way to enhance the results of your counselling. McNaughton & Associates will help you determine which instrument is best for your situation. Both instruments have a long and tested track record for helping couples deepen their relationship, resolve conflict or prepare for marriage.

Couples Counselor

Diane Huebert, M.C., R.Psych.

Registered Psychologist

4103 D Centre Street N.W., Calgary, AB T2E 2Y6

With an interest in family systems and strategic approaches, working with couples was a natural outcome in my practice. Although conflict resolution and good communication stand to benefit any relationship, during my time working with couples I have found the most significant factor to be the ability to defer the power-struggles that influence all relationships. This translates into choosing to accept and love what is in a partner. Sounds easy, yet the vulnerability involved is often a challenge for most of us. When working with couples focusing on how to assist them in strengthening the bond between the parties is the focus of the work.

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