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Couples Counselor

Pamela Rubin, CCC, MEd, RCT-C

Canadian Certified Counselor

Within Driving Distance of Halifax, NS

Living successfully in relationship starts with honoring yourself. I offer gentle techniques to increase understanding of ourselves, and our loved ones. My expertise in trauma allows me to offer you evidence-based techniques for avoiding triggers. I help you challenge old, undermining beliefs about relationships. I deeply believe that we can increase our positive connections to others through self-care: mindfulness, self-empowerment, healthy boundaries and balance allow us to open our hearts first to ourselves and then to others. I have lived in partnership for over twenty years, and I am delighted to walk alongside you on your own journey.

Couples Counselor

Henry Sharam, Rev., B.A., B.D., S.T.M., S.T.M.

Cetified Canadian Counseller

63 Nappan Drive, Halifax, NS B4C 2E1

Did your relationship start out full of excitement and promise, but is now struggling? Do you try to talk, but always end up arguing? Many people have an unrealistic image of what a relationship should be - no fighting, perfect sex, a harmonious life. When this images shatters, it can leave both people feeling unloved, isolated and disappointed. Whether straight, gay, married or unmarried, couples often have similar problems – porn, affairs, feeling unloved. Jungian psychotherapeutic counselling and personality typing is one of the most effective tools for helping you find a path to a better life together. I do marriage counselling locally in Halifax, Nova Scotia and also by e-counselling.

Couples Counselor

Janice A. Graham, Ph.D., RCC

Psychotherapist - Professional Therapy by Phone & Email

Within Driving Distance of Halifax, NS

Are you and your partner struggling in your relationship? Do you argue a lot and want to learn better communication skills? Sexuality, finances and family are common stressors. Sexuality issues may include lack of desire, cheating, sexual addiction, porn, online sex or polyamory. There may have been sexual abuse, incest or other trauma. Many couples report that intimacy in their relationship is infrequent or has ended and they want to restore it. Anger, resentment, issues from previous relationships may be troubling you. My clients find me easy to talk to and discussion is respectful and frank. Your goal may be to strengthen your bond or maybe you need support to end an unhappy relationship

Couples Counselor

Mike Buckley, PhD Psych, MA Coun, RCT, CCC.

Registered Counselling Therapist (RCT)

Within Driving Distance of Halifax, NS

I have over 30 years of counselling experience, much of it spent in the counselling room with couples. I use humor and insight into the most common of our faults to help couples recognize where they are on the journey - so they can move ahead from where they are to where they want to go. Sadly, not every relationship will end in a happily ever after, but you can do much to learn how to set boundaries, how to detect and remedy communication problems, and how to reverse or at least protect yourself from destructive patterns learned in childhood or earlier relationships. Even if you are in a relationship that is dissolving there is much you can learn from the past to apply to a happier future.

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Couples Counselling in Halifax.

If your relationship needs vital help, couples counselling Halifax is a life giving resource to identify and resolve the underlying issues between you. Nova Scotia therapists are available to you with Theravive. Relationships are hard work, and sometimes a professional couples therapist Halifax is an important asset in helping two people navigate through. We want to help you build your relationship and find the right path ahead. Halifax couples counselling from a licensed couples counselor Halifax, NS is ready to lend itself to your life together.

Welcome to our network of couples counselling and realtionship therapists in Halifax. Couples therapy and couples counselling Halifax, NS with a licensed and experienced therapist will strenghten your relationship and help resolve the issues that are causing you to struggle. Our Nova Scotia psychotherapists are trained in understanding the complex dynamics of relationships that couples face- how they fail, and how they thrive. Choose a Halifax couples counselor below and start your new journey towards a healthier relationship.