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Couples Counselor

David Currie, Hons. BA Psychology, MSW, RSW

Registered Social Worker/Therapist

105 Consumers Drive, Whitby, ON

Is your relationship in deep distress and on the verge of coming apart? Does all seem lost or about to be going there? I can help you experience a deeper sense of meaning together again or for the first time. Even good relationships can get off track from time to time. There are ways to build strength and desire back into what it is you have that is important to you. You will be able to experience a relationship that has in it what is meaningful and important to you. You can experience the connection and understanding again that you thought was lost. If you would like to increase the friendship and decrease the fighting, I will work with you to achieve that.

Couples Counselor

Derek Wright, B.S.W., M.S.W., R.S.W.

Registered Clinical Social Worker

105 Consumers Drive, Unit #2, Whitby, ON

Do you feel disrespected or disconnected from your partner? Are you struggle to recover from an extra-marital affair? Couples counsellling can help your to restore the trust, friendship and feelings connection you once had with your partner. Complex and emotionally-charged issues in your relationship can be resolved!

Couples Counselor

Laura Luz, MA, CFM, Reg. Psychotherapist

Registered Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Intuitive Guide

105 Consumers Drive, Whitby, ON

Relationships teach us so much about ourselves and our Egos. The term "couple" for this purpose is defined as "two people" who seek assistance. Perhaps you are Friends, Family-members, Parent and Teen, Life-partners, Work-colleagues or Neighbors. Laura can assist with any relationship dynamics through the use of mediation, counselling or guidance.

Couples Counselor

Paul Lavergne, M.A.C.P., O.A.C.C.P.P., SRT


520 Brealey Dr., Peterborough, ON

If your marriage or relationship has been affected by sexual addiction, I can help. Freedom from sexually compulsive behaviours is possible, and it does not have to mean the end of the marriage or relationship. Often partners are feeling shocked, betrayed and angry when they discover their partners sexually compulsive behaviours. We can support and help you understand the hows and whys of sex addiction.

Couples Counselor

Lionel Cameron, MSW, RSW

Social Worker/Psychotherapist

460 King Street West (Medical Clinic) Oshawa, Oshawa , ON

My approach to relationship and marriage counselling is a Brief Solution Focused approach. I tend to focus on solutions rather than problems, what changes do the couple, want to see in their desired future , what are their goals for the relationship . To encourage the couple to communicate about what they want and observe progress they are making and of course to continue to date.

Couples Counselor

Deborah MacDonald, RP, RPC, ATC

Registered Psycotherapist, Registered Counsellor

112 Athol Street, Whitby Ontario, Whitby, ON

Relationships are what make life interesting and fulfilling but at times can be challenging. Concise, clear communication between people ensures that the needs of each person can be met. The number one issue, Deborah addresses within relationships that are experiencing difficulty is; clarity of communication . The good news is that with a little attention and work - communication skills can be easily addressed and improved!

Couples Counselor

Douglas Lane Smith, B.A, M.A., Ph.D., C.Psych.

Registered Licensed Psychologist

867 Bradley Drive, Whitby, ON

Dr. Smith believes that being happily married for over 4 decades and successfully helping hundreds of couples work it o for over 3 decades gives him a leg up. His approach is to see the individuals separately to learn their issues and difficulties and then to work with the couple. When the couple becomes bogged down in conflict, it is time to go back to an individual approach and come back to the couple when they are ready to be reasonable, fair and compromise. Dr. Smith believes that far too many couples expect a quick fix and throw the towel in prematurely before all avenues have been explored. Dr. Smith believes all couple relationships can be worked out successfully with the right coach

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Couples Counselling in Oshawa.

If your relationship needs vital help, couples counselling Oshawa is a life giving resource to identify and resolve the underlying issues between you. Ontario therapists are available to you with Theravive. Relationships are hard work, and sometimes a professional couples therapist Oshawa is an important asset in helping two people navigate through. We want to help you build your relationship and find the right path ahead. Oshawa couples counselling from a licensed couples counselor Oshawa, ON is ready to lend itself to your life together.

Welcome to our network of couples counselling and realtionship therapists in Oshawa. Couples therapy and couples counselling Oshawa, ON with a licensed and experienced therapist will strenghten your relationship and help resolve the issues that are causing you to struggle. Our Ontario psychotherapists are trained in understanding the complex dynamics of relationships that couples face- how they fail, and how they thrive. Choose a Oshawa couples counselor below and start your new journey towards a healthier relationship.