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Depression Therapist

Ronald Reichard, MA, MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

680 Old Telegraph Canyon Road, Suite 202, Chula Vista, CA 91910

Every person has times of sadness and discouragement, however if these feelings persist for long periods of time depression may result. Depression is like a weight that slows a person down and makes everything seem more difficult and strenuous. Depression can affect a person's ability to work, make decisions, focus, concentrate, sleep, eat and socialize. I have found that A key factor in effectively treating depression is motivation. In the first phase of treatment, I assist clients in finding small and simple ways to generate positive feelings as this provides hope that things can get better. Secondly, I assist clients in unloading or unpacking the issues that are weighing them down.

Depression Therapist

Dennis Harris, MFT


680 Telegraph Cyn Rd, Chula Vista, CA 91910

Depression is a sense of being overwhelmed by difficulties or circumstances past the point of your ability to cope. It can be a challenging place to find yourself because depression can sap the energy you need to fight back. There some ways of thinking about depression that you may find empowering and enable you to work your way through the fog and back to an active and productive life. My role is to guide you through the steps and processes to help you get your life back.

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Depression in Chula Vista.

If you struggle with feeling alone, feel endlessly sad, or that just getting through the day is difficult, these may be indications that you could benefit from seeing a Chula Vista depression counselor. Finding joy in life again through depression counseling Chula Vista, CA is within reach. If you or someone you love in California needs help and is depressed, we hope you will contact one of our Chula Vista depression counselors for treatment and support. Chula Vista Counseling for depression. Help is available to you.

Welcome to our network of depression therapists in Chula Vista who are trained and experienced in counseling and treatment for depression. You are not on this journey alone, no matter how depressed, there is hope. Depression counseling Chula Vista, CA with a licensed psychotherapist or psychologist that specializes in depressive disorders in California can help you find new hope and healing for your life. Choose a Chula Vista depression counselor or psychologist below to begin your new journey of healing.