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Depression Therapist

Bekah Larson, PLPC, MAC

Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor

3134 Sutton Blvd., Maplewood, MO

Depression is often the symptom of a story unprocessed, a chemical imbalance, or extremely pent up anger. If your story is about staying invisible your whole life, perhaps being invisible isn’t working for you any longer and depression has covered you in a dark cloud as you try to be seen. Or perhaps you have an untold story about that one moment in middle school when the bully found you alone in the bathroom. What did you believe about yourself afterward? How did it affect your shame? Depression can also be a chemical imbalance and might require medication for a season. Perhaps even being on the medication is a source of pain and it would be nice to couple medication with counseling.

Depression Therapist

Anita Cohn, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

745 Craig Road, Suite 301 B, St. Louis, MO

Depression has become a word used very loosely. No one desires to feel sad. However, sadness is an emotion which is a significant part of life. Feelings of sadness are different from feelings of depression. In therapy, Anita helps individuals identify how they feel, why they feel this way, how long this feeling has lasted and their symptoms. Anita helps them enter into the change process to reach desired goals and feel better.

Depression Therapist

Judy Koehler, M.A., LPC, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor

1715 Deer Tracks Trail, Suite 260, St. Louis, MO

Are you tired of sleepless nights or difficulty getting out of b in the morning? Having trouble concentrating or getting motivated during the day? Is crying or tearfulness getting the better of you? Don't despair. Depression affects 20% of people at some time in their life. The consequences of clinical depression can become life-threatening.The good news is that it is usually very treatable. You don't have to live like this. Just make the call for help today. Additional information on depression may be found at:

Depression Therapist

Kelly Diller, LPC, MA

Licensed Professional Counselor

13354 Manchester Rd, St Louis, MO 63131

I believe in the importance of providing an integrated approach emphasizing positive self-care, a renewed hope in oneself and one's circumstances, , and making effective life choices for promoting positive feelings. Without ignoring physiology of depression, it is essential to understand that depression may stem from issues relating to lower self-worth, non-utilized coping skills, and negative life circumstances.

Depression Therapist

Sandra A. Shachar, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

225 S. Meramec Ave., Suite 432T, st louis, MO

Living with depression hurts ... just getting from one day to the next feels like an effort. You may experience chronic sadness, irritability, and depression can be coupled with anxiety. Research shows that a combination of medication and talk therapy is most effective for treating depression. I can help you learn simple techniques to feel better immediately, such as changing irrational and unreasonable thoughts. I can also suggest non-drug therapies as appropriate. Finally, some depression is related to one's situation, so just changing some things in your life can make a BIG difference!! You don't have to live this way - you CAN feel better!!

Depression Therapist

Danica L. Byler, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Gottman Therapist

425 Marshall Ave., Webster Groves, MO

Depression is not a sign of weakness, and many times people wait it out, hoping they can fix things themselves. That would work fine if what you are experiencing is something other than depression. However, when depression occurs, it effects a person's motivation, energy, ability to put things into perspective, and often hurts in a physical way. Danica understands and has helped many people recover from depression by providing support, interventions, and guidance through what can sometimes feel like an impossible journey if you try to do it on your own. Feeling alone in this process is the one thing you can change quickly by contacting Danica.

Depression Therapist

Sharon Moehle, Ed.S.

Licensed Psychologist

Saint Luke's Hospital, 224 South Woods Mill Rd, Suite 550 South, Chesterfield, MO

Sharon looks forward to collaborating with individuals experiencing depression because it so rewarding to see them improve. She provides individualized therapy and offers a variety of treatment options (counseling, EMDR, EEG biofeedback, Quantum biofeedback, temperature training, relaxation exercises, etc). Frequently clients utilize a combination of counseling, biofeedback, and EMDR. Biofeedback can provide a calming and stabilizing effect. Counseling and EMDR are used to process trauma, identification of, and changing of negative core beliefs that are at the root of depression. Please call Sharon today and start addressing your negative core beliefs (314.707.4560).

Depression Therapist

Lori Oge, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

7526 Big Bend Blvd., Webster Groves, MO

Depression is a very difficult situation to be in and one not so easily fixed by conventional means. My therapy methods look at the individual circumstances of origin and tear each one down slowly while at the same time creating a new vision for my client to replace it with. We discuss alternate approaches and create new skill sets that will stay with them for life.

Depression Therapist

Tamra Barbosa, M.Ed., LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

4191 Crescent Dr. Suite D, St. Louis, MO

Depression is a very difficult situation that so many people experience at some point in their life. There are many ways to approach depression and we strive to meet you where you are at to best determine how to help you. Some of the specific areas we will focus on with you have to do with purpose, perspective, identity and tangible exercises to help you out of depression.

Depression Therapist

Stacy Lyons, NP Psych, BSN, RN, LPC

Top expert in Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and Counseling

Richard Gestring Psychiatrist MD "I help folks who are struggling with depression , People find that they enjoy meeting with me because I'm down to earth and have a good bedside manner -- sometimes a rarity among psychiatrists. I am Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. I have many interests in mental health which come from life experience, including my service as a Sergeant in the military. Stacy Lyons PMHNP-BC,FNP-BC,LPC,RN "As a psychiatric nurse practitioner, I believe that psychiatry deserves a multidisciplinary approach to care. I believe in listening to you and really understand what is the root cause to your depression.

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Depression in St Louis.

If you struggle with feeling alone, feel endlessly sad, or that just getting through the day is difficult, these may be indications that you could benefit from seeing a St Louis depression counselor. Finding joy in life again through depression counseling St Louis, MO is within reach. If you or someone you love in Missouri needs help and is depressed, we hope you will contact one of our St Louis depression counselors for treatment and support. St Louis Counseling for depression. Help is available to you.

Welcome to our network of depression therapists in St Louis who are trained and experienced in counseling and treatment for depression. You are not on this journey alone, no matter how depressed, there is hope. Depression counseling St Louis, MO with a licensed psychotherapist or psychologist that specializes in depressive disorders in Missouri can help you find new hope and healing for your life. Choose a St Louis depression counselor or psychologist below to begin your new journey of healing.