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Depression Therapist

Alex Chapunoff, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

1135 Pasadena Avenue South, #236, South Pasadena, FL

A human being's mind is so powerful that it can either enhance him/her or bring him/her down. The mind itself is inherently powerful: whether that power is used negatively or positively, accidentally or purposefully, depends to some extent on a person's knowledge and experience. My approach with a client who feels depressed is to listen closely and discover how they think, feel, and act. Working with the client on these three factors, and how they interact, can help them reclaim their own well-being and realize they are actually the author of their mind's power.

Depression Therapist

Dolores Riley, Ph.D.

Clinical Christian Counselor

4371 76th Avenue North, Pinellas Park, FL

You do not have to live in the constant atmosphere and pain of depression. Depression robs you in your career, relationships and even your relationship with God. This ministry is successful in relieving you of the paralyzing pain of constant depression which keeps you from fulfilling your goals, dreams and God-given destiny and purpose. Do not wait to be set free from your depression. Contact me today!

Depression Therapist

The Holistic Mental Health Clinic, LMHC's and LCSW's

Licensed Mental Health Counselors and Licensed Clinical Social Workers

6161 DR MLK JR ST N #204, St. Petersburg, FL

Depression can develop for multiple reasons. By taking a holistic approach we can chip away at the issues contributing to your depression on multiple fronts. This allows you to decide which areas to focus on while you build back your strength. Along with traditional psychotherapy we also offer nutritional supplementation recommendations, biofeedback relaxation, brain health assessment and EMDR to support your success in treatment. Don't be discouraged. With identifying how your brain uniquely works and the holistic treatments we offer, this far more targeted treatment can bring you the real and lasting change you want.

Depression Therapist

Kathleen Rodriquez, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

St. Petersburg, FL

A person experiencing depression may feel like he/she is carring around bricks in a sack that weighs them down more and more to the point of becoming despondant. At the same time, there is always hope. This can be the hardest to see. Client will know they are not alone and how to create a support system if needed. The level of the client's depression will be evaulated and if medication is appropriate the client will be referred for medication. I will teach coping skills and address any self medicating the client may engage in. I will use cognitive behavior therapy to address any irrational thought patterns.

Depression Therapist

Naomi Korn, LicSW, BCD

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

1330 Beacon St #340, Brookline, FL

I can help you explore the history of your depression, whether it is situational, short term response to stress, or long term which needs to be evaluated for chemical imbalance factors. Talk therapy has been shown to be effective and long term talk therapy has been identified in a large client study as most effective when clients are asked what helped. I can help you to identify your unique childhood and family history experiences and how to desensitize, reprocess and learn to shift what doesn't work to more effective coping strategies. Homework and journalling are used to track your progress.

Depression Therapist

Tracy Kelso, LMHC, CAP, CET, SAP

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

3346 49th Street North, Suite 108, St. Petersburg, FL

With depression many people believe that the only answer is medication. While many people sometimes do need medications to stabilize it is not the complete answer. Additionally there are many people that are diagnosed with depression that do not find relief with a medication regiment. There are a lot of answers to be found by looking under the disorder. I work with individuals that suffer from depression to see what life issues contribute to these feelings and how to address those things that medications cannot touch.

Depression Therapist

Tom Petit, Ph.D., LMHC, CCMHC, CAP

Licensed Mental Health Counselors / Board Certified Coaches

6465 1st Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL

No purpose...Feeling powerless...Hopelessness...Feel like giving up...Lack of motivation...Feeling sucked into a “black hole” with no way out...Overwhelmed... Where does it all come from? How does it make sense? Can anything be done about this? Dr. Petit provides helpful understanding of and insight into depression, depressive states and cycles. Though it is impossible to keep “bad” things from happening, it is possible to make sense of the emotional, physical, physiological, and spiritual impact. A place of hope and well-being is possible as clients work through thought processes, beliefs, behaviors, & life pattern

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Depression in St Petersburg FL.

If you struggle with feeling alone, feel endlessly sad, or that just getting through the day is difficult, these may be indications that you could benefit from seeing a St Petersburg FL depression counselor. Finding joy in life again through depression counseling St Petersburg, FL is within reach. If you or someone you love in Florida needs help and is depressed, we hope you will contact one of our St Petersburg FL depression counselors for treatment and support. St Petersburg FL Counseling for depression. Help is available to you.

Welcome to our network of depression therapists in St Petersburg FL who are trained and experienced in counseling and treatment for depression. You are not on this journey alone, no matter how depressed, there is hope. Depression counseling St Petersburg, FL with a licensed psychotherapist or psychologist that specializes in depressive disorders in Florida can help you find new hope and healing for your life. Choose a St Petersburg FL depression counselor or psychologist below to begin your new journey of healing.