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Depression Therapist

Sara Kamin, BSc (Hons.), MSc, DipTIRP, OSP, RP

Registered Psychotherapist

1246 Yonge Street, Suite 303, Toronto, ON M4T 1W5

When depression sets in, it can feel all-consuming and overwhelming. Will it ever go away? Will I ever again have a good night's rest? Why don't I feel better when I spend time with friends? Will I ever get my zest for life/appetite/motivation back? I provide a safe space in which you can talk through your feelings. Together we can work towards an understanding of the root causes of your depression, and explore ways in which you can more effectively cope in difficult times. Understanding why we feel depressed and talking about our experience of depression, in the context of a caring and empathic relationship, can be an important and significant step on the road to recovery.

Depression Therapist

Sarah Chana Radcliffe, M.Ed., C.Psych


3130 Bathurst St. Suite 211, Toronto, ON M6A 2A1

I will show you powerful techniques and strategies to reduce the stress that triggers periods of low mood as I help you to dive into your own inner world to release sadness and despair that currently drains your energy. I will show you how to open the door to your heart where you can change - at the deepest level - the way you feel, think and live. You will experience greater happiness and emotional freedom than ever before.

Depression Therapist

Candice Bovell, Ph.D., C.Psych.

Registered Clinical Psychologist

KMA Therapy, 120 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 304, Toronto, ON M4P 1E2

I treat depression, low mood, and sadness using therapies like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Schema/Core Belief Therapy, Mindfulness, and Behavioural Activation. You will benefit by learning how to stop events from triggering negative thoughts, thinking patterns, and unhelpful behaviours that bring out depressed moods and keep you feeling sad.

Depression Therapist

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

Toronto, ON M5J 2T3

Grey Matters International, Inc. and the work of Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D. handles depression and other emotional disorders in a very unique way. Most of therapy or counseling processes utilize validation, unconditional positive regard, and reframing as common techniques to get someone to heal from their depression. Though this can be helpful, it rarely fixes the core problem behind it and for tough cases we then refer them usually to a psychiatrist for medication which can have tons of side effects. Instead, why not try a natural and arguably more effective way to not just change your mind, but change the brain--where the depression is rooted. Contact us at

Depression Therapist

Sandra Lewis, MA

Psychotherapist, coach

126 Seaton Street, Toronto, ON M5A 2T3

Depression responds amazingly well to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, according to all the studies. In fact CBT is THE most researched therapy, with a very high success rate... around 95%. If you would prefer not to take anti-depressants, CBT can work quite well to manage or eliminate your depression. If you are already on anti-depressants, CBT can still work to help you feel better. In addition, EFT is a powerful tool for the release of emotions in the moment. It works instantaneously to make you feel better. Together these are powerful tools to help you feel as happy as possible.

Depression Therapist

Christina Becker, MBA, Dip. Analy. Psych. (Zurich)

Jungian Analyst, Clinical Member, OSP

437 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, ON M6R 3B9

I see depression as having two origins. It is psyche's response to being overwhelmed or being unable to deal with particular circumstances in one's life. Then energy is not available for every day tasks. Depression can also be understood as a soul-loss, that is, a lost connection to the energy that creates meaning. As a Jungian Analyst, my focus is on uncovering the unconscious reasons for the depression and to find creative ways to release blocked psychic energy.

Depression Therapist

Victoria Lorient-Faibish, RP, MEd, CCC, BCPP, RPE

Registered Psychotherapist, Holistic Psychotherapist, Canadian Certified Counsellor

14 Prince Arthur Avenue Suite 209, Toronto, ON M5R 1A9

In my practice I work a multi pronged approach to this difficult state being. Traditional talk therapy: Giving space for the client to explore and express feelings, own awareness’s, transform thoughts, grieve, vent, and neutralize guilt, anger and fear. New understandings and thus new neural pathways begin to form. Also marital therapy, Somatic focusing: A profound process of accessing the deep subconscious through breathe work and closed eyed dialoguing with the body, the mind and spirit. And Life Coaching, meditation, visualization, Emotional Freedom Technique, New Decision Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Cranosacral, Reiki, forgiveness and acceptance work. The combination is powerful.

Depression Therapist

Mitch Smolkin, M.A., Counselling Psychology

Psychotherapist and Couples Counsellor

208 St Clair Ave West Suite #2, Toronto, ON M4V 1R2

Clients who are experiencing depression can benefit greatly from having someone to talk to about their experience. Just the act of sharing and having someone nonjudgmental listen to the inherent obstacles one is facing can begin to lift the veil of difficulty. Therapy for depression can help people get back to work, have more positive relationships, and help enable change at the moment when people need it most. Examining depression is also an extremely fertile experience to understand more profoundly what ones values are and how to begin to strengthen oneself in order to face further challenges in life.

Depression Therapist

Julia Balaisis, Ph. D


168 Annette Street, Toronto, ON

My approach to depression is both practical and in-depth. I will help you with ways to conquer and deal with depression while also accessing the origins of depression which includes patterns that developed early in life. There are a host of strategies that help in accessing and processing emotion that are vital to the management of depressive feelings.

Depression Therapist

Paul Parnass, M.S.W. R.S.W.

Registered Social Worker

Yonge and Eglinton, Toronto, ON M4P 1G4

Are you having trouble sleeping and eating? Do you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning? Perhaps you find yourself crying frequently? And maybe you find that you lack energy and motivation. Depression can creep into our lives without us knowing, and without an understanding of what it is we are experiencing. As a counsellor I work a lot with clients who come to me to talk about depression. When I meet with you I will ask you questions about how you are coping with your situation, and if I think you might be depressed, I will talk with you about it. Depression can be treated successfully and I want you to know that I can use many strategies to help you overcome your depression.

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