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Depression Therapist

Kevin Richardson, MSW, RSW

Registered Clinical Social Worker

34 Carlton Street, Winnipeg, MB R3C 1N9

With Depression, you may be feeling sadness, low energy and motivation, withdrawal from others and feelings of worthlessness. The good news is that depression is the most treatable emotional condition. With counseling, depression can be overcome and your life can become more meaningful and pleasurable. Healing from deep sadness is complicated. Your brain literally gets stuck in a pattern of negativity that is extremely hard to break without help. Working with me, you can: • replace negative thoughts and feelings with positive ones • rest well and wake feeling energized • become stronger and handle life’s problems more easily • feel good about yourself and optimistic about your future

Depression Therapist

Carolyn Klassen, OT(Reg)MB, RMFT

Clinic Director/Therapist

105-1483 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2C6

"I heard a scream coming from inside from a place I never even knew existed" Depression is a dark, difficult place affecting personal relationships, health and wellbeing...and is often accompanied by it's close cousin...anxiety. Our extensive experience in working with clients struggling with depression helps us realize that each person has a unique experience, but often rooted in the feeling of not "being good enough", not feeling loved, and wondering how to live in a world that feels like it judges based on income, sense of humour or some other measure that leaves a person feeling inadequate and struggling. Our work with you is to explore this in a compassionate and authentic way.

Depression Therapist

Glenys Wirch, MA

Counselor Therapist

546 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0G3

Depression may be described as feeling sad, blue, unhappy, miserable, or down in the dumps. Most of us feel this way at one time or another for short periods. Depression is also known as clinical or major depression. This is a mood disorder that will affect one in eight Canadians at some point in their lives. It changes the way people feel, leaving them with mental and physical symptoms for long periods of time. It can look quite different from person to person. As a counselor therapist I will be non-judgemental, empathetic and caring as I work with you to relieve your symptoms, increase your capacity and address relational issues that have been impacted by your depression.

Depression Therapist

Gerry Pettyjohn, MA, CSRT

Certified Sexual Recovery Therapist

3527 Pembina Highway (Entrance at rear of building), Winnipeg, MB R3V 1A5

Depression is prevalent in both sex addicts and their partners. If the depression appears clinically significant, I recommend they visit a psychiatrist or doctor for medication to stabilize the depressive symptoms. Depression therapy looks different for each person based on individual circumstances but, generally, I do the following: 1) For sex addicts, I use behavioral techniques to help them escape the addiction. Then I implement interpersonal and cognitive behavioral therapies to work on the depression. I also teach addicts how to love their partners. 2) For partners of sex addicts, I use interpersonal therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and healing prayer.

Depression Therapist

Julie Long, M.Ed., CCC


208-161 Stafford Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3M 2W9

Depression is a serious and painful emotion that is experienced by many people from every walk of life. It can make you feel like you want to give up because you may think you have nothing left to give. Depression can be triggered after the loss of a loved one, a serious illness, a break-up, a job loss, or just constant stress. Our thoughts and emotions associated with stress can affect our bodies in harmful ways. If you think depression has left a permanent storm cloud in your life and life seems like too much, everyday then call me. We can reactiviate your life, cope with your negative thoughts, and equip you with the tools to manage your life again.

Depression Therapist

Karen Bourdon, MA

Counselling Therapist

1073 St. Mary's Rd., Winnipeg, MB R2M 3T2

All of us experience some form of despair throughout our lifetime. Sometimes it can really make coping difficult. The high majority of depressions are situational, where the origin of the depression is related to an issue. I can help discover underlying issues that may be contributing. For all depresssion, our thinking gets affected. I can help bring perspective and help clients change their feelings by changing their thinking. I can help clients who can barely get out of bed, to slowly regaining a sense of normalcy in their life.

Depression Therapist

Soul Work Therapies, Donna Johnson, M.Ed., DVATI, MMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist; Art Therapist; Time Line Therapist; Reiki Master

202 - 1345 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2B6

Depression is anger turned inward. Sadness and fear are only two of many reasons depression leaves people battling with themselves. Let go of old ways of feeling about yourself and change how you see the world and its relationship to you and you to it. Time Line™ Therapy Techniques, Huna Kane Body Work and Reiki can assist you in moving forward and create the person you know yourself to truly be.

Depression Therapist

Margriet Stoffman, BSc, MA Counselling Psych

Christian Counsellor

430 Lakewood Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R2J 4B6

Depression can hit us at any stage in life, whether we are children, teenagers, young adult, new mothers, adults or seniors. That does not mean you have to continue to live with it! While medications may help some individuals, depression is often related to negative self talk, low self-esteem, traumatic events, and loss of hope. With the use of cognitive behavioural therapy and the bible Margriet will help you find the hope you once had.

Depression Therapist

Jody Harris, MMFT

Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist

1-1549 St. Mary's Road, Winnipeg, MB R2M 5G9

I have worked with many clients with depression and I feel that it is very important to recognize that some depression is situational and due to an individual's circumstances. It is important to work through this type of depression but usually it changes when the situation changes. It is when depression does not go away that becomes a problem and it is important to try to determine what the cause is . The therapeutic interventions I use help to hone into the depression and to determine which type we are dealing with. At times, severe depression will need to be referred to a medical professional.

Depression Therapist

Eldon Pullman, MA


302 - 1200 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0T5

We all experience depression at some time in our life. Understanding our depression and what it is about is helpful in overcoming the effects of depression. Help is sometimes needed to understand what our depression is about and how to deal with it. Even if you suffer from a severe clinical depression and are on medication counselling can help you to cope with the effects of depression. If you are not clinically depressed but are suffering from depressin counselling can help you undrstand why you are depressed and how to cope with it.

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