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Amanda Shanks, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

6845 Fairview Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 28210

Have you been obsessing about food or calorie counting? Do you exercise excessively or go to ‘extremes’ to lose weight? Do you eat excessive quantities of food when feeling stressed or overwhelmed, to later purge what you have just eaten? Take control over your life today. I can assist you in building self esteem, identifying your own individual strengths, developing effective coping skills for managing stress, and connecting you with valuable resources to ensure that your health and wellness are maintained. If you believe that you or a loved one may suffer from an eating disorder, do not hesitate to call today for a free phone consultation and to set up an appointment.

Heather Hall, MSW, LCSW


4724 Park Rd, Suite A, Charlotte, North Carolina 28209

Eating disorders do not discriminate and affect persons of all genders, race and age. I firmly believe in combining traditional talk therapy with creative-based techniques to assist those experiencing eating disorders in overcoming and taking charge of their lives. If you are interested in seeking help with eating disorders and related concerns, please contact me today. Your journey to healing is just around the corner.

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