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Eating Disorders

David Silverman, Licensed LMFT, EMDR Trained

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This is a difficult issue to come forward and admit and to ask for help. However, there can be serious consequences to your physical health. You will need to consult an MD in while seeking therapy. You're not alone. I'm going to support you through this process. we will inlist support of your family, friends and extended family as well. You know there can be shame, isolation and low self-esteem associated with anorexia and bulimia. We will work together to set goals and implement them. We will unpack underlying assumptions about body image. We'll help you redirect urges that trigger negative behaviors, especially painful emotions of anger, vulnerability and fear. I'm here to help.

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Eating Disorder in West Los Angeles.

Eating disorders can be life threatening if not treated. If you or someone you love in California is struggling with binge eating, bulimia, or anorexia, West Los Angeles counseling for eating disorders is vital to recovery. Theravive California therapists who specialize in eating disorder treatment West Los Angeles, CA can help you to a full recovery. Anorexia and bulimia are devastating in West Los Angeles to those who are suffering. Contact a West Los Angeles treatment therapist for eating disorders to begin your recovery.

Welcome to our network of West Los Angeles eating disorder therapists. If you or a loved one is struggling with anorexia, binge eating or bulimia, eating disorder treatment in West Los Angeles, CA is available to you. With professional and caring eating disorder counseling West Los Angeles, hope and healing is within reach. California therapists who specialize in eating disorders, West Los Angeles, can give you powerful tools and treatment that are aimed at curing the problem, and restoring individual dignity and self worth.