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Family Counselor

Galina Litvin, MFTI

Marriage and Family Therapist

1250 pine street #100, Walnut Creek, CA

Family therapy includes working with the family as a whole unit. We will work together to improve the family relationships, interactional patterns, and behavioral patterns of each of the family members. We work together to restructure the family dynamic and to realign all the family members to be more in tune with one another. The goal is to reduce family conflict and dysfunctional familial patterns.

Family Counselor

Debbie Bauer, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

2255 Morello Ave, Suite 103, Pleasant Hill, CA

Conflicts in a family can become so routine that it may be difficult for you to determine which issues are important and which have become automatic battles. I can provide your family a safe place to work through this with an objective and neutral perspective that allows everyone to hear and everyone to be heard. Frequent arguing, nagging, complaining - all intensify the stress of daily life. Your family can learn to live harmoniously - not perfectly without ever having conflict - but without the need for "winners" and "losers" in constant tug of wars. It is exhausting and unhealthy to live with tension in your home. Call me today and let's begin easing that tension and regaining calm.

Family Counselor

Misha Gutkin, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

2930 Camino Diablo, Suite 305, Walnut Creek, CA

Most families want to make their relationships within the family more positive and communication more effective. Therefore, developing healthy interactions within a family unit is a key for survival of those relationships. Different members of the family can have their own problems which can have a negative impact on the entire family. In those cases, helping family members (often teens or children) resolve their own problems while working with others on supporting them in their journey becomes the goal of therapy.

Family Counselor

Grace Malonai, Ph.D., LPCC

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

2940 Camino Diablo, Suite 150, Walnut Creek, CA 94597, Walnut Creek, CA

My work is founded on family systems theories, including Narrative Therapy. From this therapeutic perspective, clients are seen as interconnected with and part of a larger system, primarily the family. Systems therapy touts the importance of exploring how clients relate within and to their own personal contexts. This is not just their families, but includes an extended community of school or work, culture, history, and other external influences. I see my role as a partner to my clients, as they journey on the path of authoring their own stories.

Family Counselor

Meri Levy, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #88213

3468 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Suite B201, Lafayette, CA

Are you feeling stuck? When you’re depressed, anxious or overwhelmed, it feels that life is always difficult. Taking the time to work through challenges in therapy improve your life in ways you never imagined. I am a therapist who helps clients manage anxiety and break through depression. My style is warm and nonjudgmental, and I work collaboratively with a wide range of clients. I especially enjoy working with parents, and I have a great deal of experience with postpartum depression and anxiety. Using insight-oriented psychotherapy and mindfulness techniques, I will help you find a way to stop feeling stuck and move forward.

Family Counselor

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

Most family therapists inadvertently create more chaos through their well-intentioned efforts to assist a family move through a change process. Why? Brains are inherently deregulated (all of us, may I add) and most talking and dialoguing misses brain-centric problems that need more intensive help. Many times the emotional trauma created by years of solving problems ineffectively can wreak havoc on the brain's parasympathetic nervous system, not ever giving the family a break from flight or fight thinking. Contact us for an innovative neuroscience solution to family dysfunction. or 877-606-6161.

Family Counselor

Kathryn Kinsey, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

281 East H Street, Benicia, CA

Family counseling is the logical treatment of choice when couples are struggling to deal with a child having behavioral or social problems or when a family undergoes major changes - a new step-parent, the birth or loss of a family member, a move, disruption of the social support network, or marital discord. All members of the family may be included in the sessions and create a joint plan for working toward resolution of the problem or the sessions may focus on the parents working together to bring about positive change. For more info, please visit

Family Counselor

Alex Hoeplinger, M.A.

Registered MFT Intern (#76155) & Registered PCC Intern (#351)

3179 College Ave., Berkeley, CA, CA

I help families work through their struggles, differences, and patterns by getting each member to focus on how the struggles, fights, and cycles happen. I help families tune into their patterns while exploring the collective and individual meaning behind those patterns. I start by getting a general feel for the dynamic by observing how you function. Then I try to guide discussion in very simple and concrete ways so that each member can see how they are interacting with the larger dynamic. This allows opportunity for a new perspective while creating the space for change and growth. I will work with you in discovering how you and your family affect each other so that you can grow together.

Family Counselor

Charis Khoury, MA, MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

1730 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley, CA

I particularly enjoy working with pairs within a family system—a mother and daughter for instance or siblings. Family members who are longing to be closer to each other and having trouble doing it, or wanting to better communicate. This isn't about trying to fix another person or convince them of our views. In therapy, getting to deeper levels of empathy and understanding with the people closest to us can solve a lot of issues on its own, building respect and tolerance for differences, and a gratifying sense of connection. It takes courage, effort, and the willingness to lay down our swords and shields, but it is worth it.

Family Counselor

Kristina Schasker, M.A., MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

2 Crow Canyon Court, Suite #110, San Ramon, CA

Family counseling is often a great way to help support family members working through a wide range of difficulties. Each member of a family is growing and developing at their own pace and in their own way. Often times conflict will arise between members due to insufficient understanding and a lack of proper communication. Family therapy can help clearly identify the conflict and how it is affecting ALL members of the family. It puts the power and responsibility for change on each member. Family therapy provides a compassionate, supportive place for members to hear, feel heard and build stronger, healthier connections.

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Find family counseling in California. Theravive is the best source for effective family therapy in Concord CA. A Family therapist has training and expertise in the relational dynamics both in and outside the home. Contact us to begin your new commitment to beneficial change.

Welcome to our network of family therapists in Concord. Strife and turmoil in the home, or with extended family, can damage many of our relationships. Family counseling is available in Concord, CA and can help find common ground, and begin restoration and healing. We hope that you will contact us for more information and to book an appointment.