Jonathan Eli Herrick, LCSW

Jonathan Eli Herrick, LCSW
Family Counselor

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Location: 34 Forrest Street, Mill Valley
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My experience practicing family therapy is magical: taking a positive view and seeing the family as a system seeking happiness, I have been able to radically improve a child's life and increase their family's happiness through simple changes to a family's interactions. One example was a 10-year old boy whose behavior was so extreme he was prohibited from public and private schools and headed to a permanent psychiatric institution. In 12 sessions he returned to total normalcy and public school. Since training at Ackerman Family Institute (with Olga Silverstein) and the Washington Family Institute (with Chloe Madanes & Jay Haley), I have practiced family therapy for over thirty-years.

Family Counseling San Rafael.

If you are in California and seek assistance with parenting and extended family, or perhaps you are dealing with issues in your children, or trying to work out harmony in a blended family, family counseling San Rafaelcan help. Theravive is the best source for effective San Rafael family therapy in California. A professional San Rafael family therapist has training and expertise in family dynamics both in and outside the home and can help resolve toxic and broken relationships. Please contact a San Rafael, CA family counselor to begin your new commitment to beneficial change.

Welcome to our network of family therapists in San Rafael. Strife and turmoil in the home, or with extended family, can damage many of our relationships. Family counseling San Rafael, CA with a licensed and skilled family counselor can help find common ground, and begin restoration and healing. We hope that you will contact any one of our San Rafael family counselors below for more information and to book an appointment.