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Family Counselor

Renee Segal, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage, Family and Individual Therapist

Family therapy is needed when the family isn't working well. Maybe there are a lot of fights between parents and children or maybe one of the family members is using drugs or alcohol. Family therapy is a place where the whole family can talk about what is bothering them. Sometimes people want more closeness and sometimes family members want more distance. Family therapy is a great way to identify and sort out these issues.

Family Counselor

Kelly Rose, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

3701 Shoreline Dr, Orono, MN

My training in marriage and family therapy allows me to view the systemic and relational aspects of how you got to where you are based on the interactions and experiences of the key people in your life. Old wounds and patterns of interaction are often passed down from generation to generation. The wise words of Maya Angelou describe the benefits of family therapy, "History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again."

Family Counselor

George Brisse, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

14451 Highway 7, Suite 2a, Minnetonka, MN

As a marriage and family therapist, much of my work involves exploring family dynamics and relationships. Families are complex social systems that contain structure, communication, roles, and rules. Finding ways to get all the parts to work well together is rarely an easy task. In my previous work, I've found success in helping families better manage conflict, deal effectively with anger, communicate more consistently and openly, and better implement and enforce rules. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding how I may be able to help your family's specific problems and concerns.

Family Counselor

Timothy McCarthy, PhD, LP, LMFT

Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Marriage-Family Therapist

8460 Montgomery Court, Eden Prairie, MN

There are many problems that can occur in our family relationships. it's very easy for conflict to occur in marriage, with children, family of origin, or even in-laws. As a therapist working with families for many years I've found that many problems can be solved through respectful communication of deeper feelings while developing greater understanding and appreciation of other family members. At the same time, there are some family situations with extremely difficult, defensive personalities that only create continued frustration, so that the best solution is to set clear boundaries for limiting the impact of such toxic personalities.

Family Counselor

Barbara Benson, RN, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

In family therapy, one of the key goals is often to improve communication either because there is a lot of ineffective, reactive, or angry communication going on or very little communication happening at all. I use a family systems approach along with cognitive behavioral elements to address most family concerns. Family therapy can be helpful for mother-daughter duos, two parents and all the kids or any combination of family members.

Family Counselor

Lisa Marie Raines, MA, LMFT

License Marriage and Family Therapist

ACTS Therapy 8170 Old Carriage Court N, Shakopee, MN

I have considerable experience working with families. I have worked with small children, tweens, teens and parents. I believe that a combination of individual and family therapy is an approach that works. We will work together to overcome the issues you and your family are going through. Understanding you’re not alone and getting support to help problem solve and learn communication skills is a step forward. We will take the time to move out of the chaos into a more authoritative environment. Authoritative is a blending of a caring tone with structure and consistent limit setting. Together we can make it work!

Family Counselor

Rebekah Miller, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

7575 Golden Valley Road Suite 133, Golden Valley, MN

Does your adolescent feel out of control? Do you want to improve parenting skills or learn how to better support your kids? Is it hard to share parenting responsibilities? Families come to family therapy for many different reasons—conflict in the home, communication difficulties, divorce, grief, blended/step-parent families, teens acting out, adoptive family concerns, co-parenting challenges, mental health problems for any family members, and health problems or terminal illness. As a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, I will help your family change stuck patterns of interaction, navigate family stressors, and support members that are struggling with mental health problems.

Family Counselor

Jessica VerBout, M.A., LMFT, CST

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Sex Therapist

5821 W. Cedar Lake Rd., Ste. 11, St. Louis Park, MN

Families are often faced with their own specific challenges and the results of working through these challenges can be very rewarding and offer a more peaceful experience for the family as a whole. Seeing how a specific family organizes itself and works through challenges (or doesn't!) together can shed the light upon ways where families can grow and develop new ways of working together, no matter what the issue. You can choose your spouse and friends, but family you are stuck with forever... Why not make the best of it?

Family Counselor

Steven Boman, M.A., LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

4725 Excelsior Boulevard, Suite 400, St. Louis Park, MN

As a Marriage & Family Therapist, one of my primary specialities is family therapy. However, in my practice, my primary focus is on marital and couples therapy. I typically do not work with children or adolescents, but I occasionally work with individuals and their extended families. Family therapy emphasize the role that current relationships, and families of origin, play in an individual’s behavior. When problems occur within relationships, each person in the couple, family or group is seen as having a part to play in the situation. A family therapist will help each person understand their role in the overall pattern and help them understand they can also be part of the solution.

Family Counselor

Tamera Mensink, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I work with couples who want to better their relationship or feel they have grown apart. I offer premarital and marital counseling. I also offer Prepare and Enrich Counseling, which can acquire counseling hours towards getting your marriage license. Make your relationship better, fall in love with your partner again. Increase intimacy and closeness.

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Family Counseling in Shorewood MN.

Find family counseling in Minnesota. Theravive is the best source for effective family therapy in Shorewood MN. A Family therapist has training and expertise in the relational dynamics both in and outside the home. Contact us to begin your new commitment to beneficial change.

Welcome to our network of family therapists in Shorewood. Strife and turmoil in the home, or with extended family, can damage many of our relationships. Family counseling is available in Shorewood, MN and can help find common ground, and begin restoration and healing. We hope that you will contact us for more information and to book an appointment.