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Family Counselor

Sue Passalacqua, M.S., MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

13025 Bailey Street, Suite D, Whittier, CA

Working with families is extremely rewarding and requires a therapist to be able to manage multiple perspectives, a variety of feelings and behaviors while creating a safe and supportive environment for every family member. My role is to facilitate a fair and open space for each family member to share their thoughts and feelings about a variety of issues. Enhancing the manner in which families resolve confict is key to my treatment and intervention. Communication skills and conflict resolution are all part of this process. Each family is unique and it requires from me a cultural and gender sensitivity and understanding.

Family Counselor

Tara Hernandez, MA., LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

813 W. Whittier Blvd Suite 212, Montebello, CA

Often times we don't realize the impact our birth families have on how we function on a day to day basis and the difficulties we face. Take this opportunity to explore the dynamics of your childhood, learn how your relationships with immediate and extended family members has impacted your approach to current relationships, work, changes in life and potential stressors.

Family Counselor

Curtis Miller, MFT, Psy.D., D. Min., M.A., M.Div.

Marriage and Family Therapists, Psychotherapy

482 N. Rosemead Blvd., Suite 207, Pasadena, CA

I specialize in working with families through a process of designing the family you've always wanted. When each family member is given the opportunity to describe what they need or like that helps them feel valued in family it becomes the beginning of lasting change. I help families design their system in such a way that produces happiness. I will take your family through a 6 step process of design which gives shape to the kind of family you would like to be in.

Family Counselor

Daniel Galarza, M.S, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

8826 Ocean View Ave., Whittier, CA

It takes courage to get help when dealing with personal issues. Getting counseling is great way to take care of yourself. Many people find that a skilled therapists can be a tremendous asset to managing personal growth, interpersonal relationships, family concerns, marriage issues, and the hassles of daily life. For further questions about my services call me at (562) 265-8845.

Family Counselor

Megan Lundgren, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

140 East Colorado Boulevard #D, Monrovia, CA

"I love my family enough to bring them here. As a family, we need help." Many of my clients are families who need support and guidance to help them through a difficult season in their family life. Frequent conflicts, feeling distant, and wanting to talk openly and honestly within the security and privacy of my therapy office are typical reasons families come to me for Family Therapy. As a Family-Systems Therapist, I help families explore how their relationships can be transformed through openness to a new way of communicating and relating to one another. If your family could benefit from support and guidance, call me today at (626) 272-4908. I look forward to connecting with you.

Family Counselor

Annie Miller, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

482 N. Rosemead Blvd Suite 207, Pasadena, CA

Families seek therapy for many different reasons. Sometimes they find themselves in a crisis, other times they may simply wish to improve their family life and relationships. No matter your reason for seeking therapy for your family, I will provide a safe environment for each family member to begin to talk about the struggles they are experiencing. As this happens, we will begin to collaborate on the needs of your family and create goals to improve family relationships and communication.

Family Counselor

Mark Baker, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

650 Sierra Madre Villa, Suite 110, Pasadena, CA

Although most therapists in California have a license in Marriage and Family Counseling, most of those therapists don’t actually do family counseling. Because we have over 25 therapists at the La Vie Counseling Center we have a wide range of specialties, and one of them is family counseling. We have therapists who are equipped to work with your entire family to open lines of communication, set better boundaries and restructure relationships that have needed change for years. If your family needs help, give us a call and one of our family therapists will start the process of change that is long overdue.

Family Counselor

Andre Estephan, Ed.D, LMFT, CSAT-C

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

3827 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA

Do you want to strengthen relationships in your family through open communication and caring behaviors? Do you wish to interrupt the cycles of negative interactions and replace them with mutually nurturing and loving connections? Do you desire to resolve conflicts constructively and create a climate that cultivates personal growth and wellness for everyone? I enjoy working collaboratively with family members to create positive change and find good solutions for their problems. Call me today for an initial free phone consultation at (626) 327-5711. I look forward to connecting with you.

Family Counselor

Mary Ann Aronsohn, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

1910 Huntington Drive, So. Pasadena, CA

Many times families need help to deal with struggles between them, or to get through difficult circumstances. Each relationship within a family is different from all others, and may need specific opportunities to express thoughts and feelings. Supportive and encouraging therapy may be just what is needed to remove blocks between family members so that the love can flow again.

Family Counselor

Craig Clark, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

1800 Fair Oaks Avenue, South Pasadena, CA

Dr. Clark has extensive training and experience helping family, including eight years working as a Director of Child and Family Services for a large medical facility. Dealing with the stresses of raising children can become overwhelming, and often problem seem to repeat themselves with no hope in sight. It can be very helpful to get another point of view from an objective psychologist.

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Family Counseling in South El Monte CA.

Find family counseling in California. Theravive is the best source for effective family therapy in South El Monte CA. A Family therapist has training and expertise in the relational dynamics both in and outside the home. Contact us to begin your new commitment to beneficial change.

Welcome to our network of family therapists in South El Monte. Strife and turmoil in the home, or with extended family, can damage many of our relationships. Family counseling is available in South El Monte, CA and can help find common ground, and begin restoration and healing. We hope that you will contact us for more information and to book an appointment.