Debbie Sawicki-Lake, MA, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Location Near Therapist: Deltona, FL
Fast Contact: Email or Call Debbie.

Experiencing loss is painful, and you may be feeling very sad and alone. It may seem like the hurt is too much to bear and may never go away. You may be convinced there is no hope of ever feeling differently again. The truth is, loss brings about many emotions, some of which can be difficult to accept. But know this…these feelings are normal. They are a normal human response to losing someone or something we care about deeply. While difficult to comprehend, the things you are feeling and experiencing can change. As a professional trained to help people heal after loss, I will support and guide you through the steps you must take in order to cope and move forward once again. 407-699-5824

Laurie Wren, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Licensed Therapist

Location: 3074 W. Lake Mary Blvd., Suite 132, Lake Mary
Fast Contact: Email or Call Laurie.

You will always miss what you have lost that is precious to you. Healing is when the pain no longer has the power to oppress you. It's that time when you can remember them without coming apart, feel your emotions without fear, and integrate that which you love about them most into your identity. We acknowledge that is is a challenging road, We also realize that that everyone has strengths, whether or not they "feel" them. We will help you to uncover yours to use as your tools.

Erin Gray, M.S, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Location: 2006 Town Plaza Court, Winter Springs
Fast Contact: Email or Call Erin.

When a person or animal you love dies suddenly, unexpectedly or violently, the event of death can leave you feeling alone, bewildered and overcome with floods of grief. You may be searching for a counselor to help you develop the ability to understand and control your emotions you are currently having because of the loss. If you want help, please look at my site for more information. I have worked with a variety of clients in the Central Florida area to help them move beyond their grief, and unlock their potential to design a new life. I often witness clients’ positive growth and newly acquired abilities

Evelynn Rivadeneira, MS, IMFT

Registered Marriage and Family Therapist

Location: 1385 W State Rd 434, Suite 207, Longwood
Fast Contact: Email or Call Evelynn.

We are unique individuals. You grieve differently than your friends or family members. You will benefit from my approach to Grief & Loss Therapy because I will embark in this journey of Grief with you and move at your pace. Together we will reach a place of healing and acceptance. You will also gain clarity of the choices you need to make with the many aspects of your life.

Sareet Taylor, Ed.S., LMHC, RYT

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Registered Yoga Teacher

Location: 2040 Winter Springs Blvd, Oviedo
Fast Contact: Email or Call Sareet.

Grief is a challenging transition, but it is often part of life, and is definitely something you can work through. I have firsthand experience, as I lost my dear mother rather suddenly several years ago to lung cancer. There are specific strategies, often through visualization, which we can work on to help enable your mind to focus on the positive memories, which you'll always have, and release the pain of the loss. Letting go of pain does not mean letting go of a loved one - you can release your pain, but not your love.

Maritza Parks, MS

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Location: 870 Clark Street, Suite 1030, Oviedo
Fast Contact: Email or Call Maritza.

Have you lost a loved one, pet, career, or friendship? These are all forms of grief that can be difficult to cope with, especially when we do not know where to turn. You do not have to struggle alone, I am here to help. I provide individuals and families a safe place to work through the emotions they are experiencing and tap in to their natural resiliencies so that they can reach their personal goals and live a more fulfilling life.

Shannnon Rowell, MH 11468

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Location: 905 S. Lake Jessup Avenue, Oviedo
Fast Contact: Email or Call Shannnon.

Losing a loved one is emotionally and physically draining. Grief is experienced in many different ways and the healing process can take time. By working through memories and completing a grief trauma narrative individuals are able to process through their grief and enter acceptance into their healing phase. Grief counseling allows individuals to remember the positive times and visualize hope for the future.

Cricket Evans, MSW, LCSW, CCH

Location: 498 N. State Road 434, Suite1009, Altamonte Springs
Fast Contact: Email or Call Cricket.

The pain, confusion, guilt and yes, even anger over losing one dear to you can sometimes feel unbearable. You may not know how you will go on. The sadness is so heavy. You miss your loved one so much. You may be having trouble eating and sleeping. You may be having trouble enjoying normal things you used to enjoy. Life can seem dark and lonely. Let me be your guide and support through the grief process. From hopelessness to rebuilding your life. I am here for you. Give me a call at 407-862-2662 so we can schedule your first appointment.

William Carmody, M.Ed., Ed.S., MBA, LMHC, NCC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Location: 235 S. Maitland Ave., Suite 111, Maitland
Fast Contact: Email or Call William.

Has someone you loved died? Has your relationship ended? Have you lost hope in becoming the person you envisioned? Has your health taken a turn for the worse? Are you experiencing financial difficulties? Have you lost your family pet? Experiencing these circumstances, the pain seems absolutely unbearable. How can we move forward? When does the pain stop? The great news is you can release that pain. You can move forward. Your life doesn’t have to end. Call me now, to take the first step to healing those wounds!

Janie Lacy, LMHC, NCC, CSAT

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Location: 220 Lookout Place, Suite 150, Maitland
Fast Contact: Email or Call Janie.

Janie specializes in grief & loss and she knows the importance of coping with grief & loss in our lives. Janie is experienced working with individuals, families and couples dealing with the grief and loss around death, a relationship, finances and so much more! Janie also knows that if grief and loss are not processed and healed in a healthy way, this can lead many people down a road of destructive patterns and unhealthy coping strategies! Call Janie today at 407-622-1770!

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Grief Counseling Deltona FL.

The death of a loved one is arguably the most traumatic experience any of us can face. The goals of Deltona FL grief counseling are recovery and acceptance. Deltona, FL trauma counseling seeks to help an individual process, debrief, and cope with an extreme stress. Recovery from loss through grief counseling Deltona, FL does not mean that all of the pain, memories or significance of a loved one are resolved, but that one is able to accept what has happened, and that those experiences and memories are an important part of life, but not all consuming. When you see a Deltona FL trauma therapist or Deltona FL grief counselor, you will find a listening ear. There are several stages of grieving, and compassionate therapy in Deltona FL can be a strong shoulder that will facilitate healing. Deltona FL grief therapy and counseling in Florida can help one move through the shock, trauma, and acute suffering, so that you are not destroyed by what has happened. Most likely, there are still loved ones in your life who need you, and if you are grieving, you may utterly lack any emotional energy at all to deal with them. Deltona FL grief counseling can help stabilize you.

If you have experienced the pain and trauma of loss, grief counseling Deltona FL with a licensed therapist can help you move through. A Florida grief and loss counselor has training and experience in helping people who have suffered loss to find strength, to cope, and move through the trauma. Deltona grief counseling can be an important tool to help you through this difficult time. And while nothing anyone can say can completely heal the pain, you can still find strength to cope and to find hope in the darkness. Therapy is a very important part of moving through grief. Please contact a Deltona, FL grief therapist below today.