Stacey Chernin, M.A., LMFT, CFT

Licensed Marriage Counselor and Family Therapist

Location: 500 Montauk Hwy., West Islip
Fast Contact: Email or Call Stacey.

I provide superior counseling and therapy services for those who have experienced a traumatic loss in their life. This does not have to be just a loss or grief from death, but also of that of a relationship (per se through a break-up or divorce.) I enable the client to work at their own pace as far as recovery goes, and take it one session at a time. I allow them to grieve naturally, but also take the approach that will lead them to cope better with loss, through communication and other means- My goal will ultimately be to lead them to sanctuary and enable them to move forward with their life- while strategically allowing time to heal their wounds.

Lynn Polizzi, LCSW

Licensed Certified Social Worker

Location: 445 Broad Hollow Rd, Suite 109, Melviille
Fast Contact: Email or Call Lynn.

I can assist with bereavement issues involving illness, trauma, and suicide. Losing a loved on can cause enormous pain, guilt, and other conflicting feelings that make it hard to cope with day to day tasks. If depression is taking over your life, you may be experiencing clinical depression or complicated grief. I also work with pet bereavement issues. We underestimate how much the loss of a beloved pet can impact us and those close to us. Please do not be ashamed of your feelings. Our pets are our family members. Especially today, when family is scattered about and we are more isolated than ever before.

LuAnn Skolnik, LCSW-R

Licensed Certified Social Worker

Location: 150 Broadhollow Rd. Suite 109, Melville
Fast Contact: Email or Call LuAnn.

I have a spiritual practice background and I can help you to understand your loss and grief process as it relates to you and your life experience. Whether it is the loss of a loved one or of a beloved pet grief takes time to process and no two people grieve in the same manner and or time period. We can sit in the silence of the loss and or openly express the emotions and begin the healing process.

Amie Markowitz, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Location: 1980 Route 112, Coram
Fast Contact: Email or Call Amie.

Are you suffering through the loss of a loved one? I can assist you in moving through the grieving process by helping you understand how it works. The last thing that you want to feel when you are grieving is that you are doing it alone. Unfortunately, everyone grieves differently. This is difficult for many people to understand, but it is important to remember that those around you are grieving as well, they are just doing it in their own way.

Elissa Grunblatt, LCSW-R

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Location: 191 Broadway, , Amityville
Fast Contact: Email or Call Elissa.

Grief and loss are the tragic feelings in life that can come on suddenly - from a shocking loss, or be long term, from a loss that occurred in the past or one that is ongoing. We never know how to handle the all-encompassing feelings experienced at this time, and we never think it will end. I will help guide you through these terrible times you might be experiencing by allowing you to fully express your feelings when you need to. At other times you may need guidance on how to just get through the day. As with all my clients, you will show me what you need at each moment, and I will do my best to get you through the pain of grief and loss.

Megan Woodward, MA, LMHC, MBA, NCC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Location: , Hicksville
Fast Contact: Email or Call Megan.

Losing a loved one is a complicated experience that is not 'one size fits all'. Although there are different stages of grief, not everyone moves through the stages at the same pace, or in the same order, and having a safe and supportive place to start to process the loss is essential. My approach to working with people who have lost a loved one and are grieving focuses on understanding the uniqueness of the experience for the individual, and working together to process the variety of emotions and challenges that arise during bereavement. My approach is also person-centered and goes at the pace of the client.

Louis Morbillo, LCSW, ACSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Location: 53 E. Main Street, Oyster Bay
Fast Contact: Email or Call Louis.

Loss, and the grief associated with it usually equates to feelings of hopelessness and despair, sometimes accompanied by confusion and instability. My approach to the loss and grief experience is to help clients unravel and process a myriad of emotions. The goal here is to be supportive, explore and clarify the feelings relative to the individual's experience and restore equilibrium.

Tracey Cardello, LCSW, CPT, PC

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Location: 400 Jericho Turnpike suite 107, Jericho
Fast Contact: Email or Call Tracey.

Grief and loss occur throughout the human lifecycle. It is when grief is complicated due to circumstance and history that it becomes difficult to move through and recover from. Often it is necessary to talk about the past in order to see the future. The process of recovery starts with the recognition that you are not alone in your grief and your pain is understood by another.

Gina Cubillos, LMSW

Licensed Social Worker

Location: , Wantagh
Fast Contact: Email or Call Gina.

Loss is a natural part of life but sometimes we cannot be prepared for a death whether expected or sudden circumstances exist. The world can look so different after experiencing a loss. We work together so you can move on at your own pace with support and validation. Sometimes speaking to someone outside of your own circle allows you to feel heard without judgment. This expression can lead to an increase in confidence to help transform how you relate to the loss of your loved one. The physical relationship ends with death, but our spiritual connection can be transcended. Endings can lead to new beginnings and that is where coaching may take you.

Melissa Goldman, LCSW-R

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Location: 1918 Bellmore Avenue, bellmore
Fast Contact: Email or Call Melissa.

Grief and Loss is unique to each of us. The important piece is find to comfort in something. A great place to start is TALKING. My clients benefit from the safety of a confidential environment, to work through the stages of loss and grief. Not being judged or told to move on, like many people hear from others in their daily lives. Clients never "Get Over" a death or loss, but I can help them to learn to manage the feelings and emotions more effectively.

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Grief Counseling Huntington Station NY.

The death of a loved one is arguably the most traumatic experience any of us can face. The goals of Huntington Station NY grief counseling are recovery and acceptance. Huntington Station, NY trauma counseling seeks to help an individual process, debrief, and cope with an extreme stress. Recovery from loss through grief counseling Huntington Station, NY does not mean that all of the pain, memories or significance of a loved one are resolved, but that one is able to accept what has happened, and that those experiences and memories are an important part of life, but not all consuming. When you see a Huntington Station NY trauma therapist or Huntington Station NY grief counselor, you will find a listening ear. There are several stages of grieving, and compassionate therapy in Huntington Station NY can be a strong shoulder that will facilitate healing. Huntington Station NY grief therapy and counseling in New York can help one move through the shock, trauma, and acute suffering, so that you are not destroyed by what has happened. Most likely, there are still loved ones in your life who need you, and if you are grieving, you may utterly lack any emotional energy at all to deal with them. Huntington Station NY grief counseling can help stabilize you.

If you have experienced the pain and trauma of loss, grief counseling Huntington Station NY with a licensed therapist can help you move through. A New York grief and loss counselor has training and experience in helping people who have suffered loss to find strength, to cope, and move through the trauma. Huntington Station grief counseling can be an important tool to help you through this difficult time. And while nothing anyone can say can completely heal the pain, you can still find strength to cope and to find hope in the darkness. Therapy is a very important part of moving through grief. Please contact a Huntington Station, NY grief therapist below today.