Mario White, M.A., LMHCA

Relational Therapist

Location: 843 6th St. Suite 220, Bremerton
Fast Contact: Email or Call Mario.

Experiencing grief and loss often leaves us with a deep ache because the people and things that should remain with us no longer do. These are not issues to be processed from a distance and the relational approach I offer provides an opportunity for you to walk through these difficult times with a sense of being deeply cared for. This happens as I follow Jesus' words, "mourn with those who mourn." My previous clients have experienced the surprise of hope and have walked away changed. It is my desire that the same might take place for you.

Allred Family Therapy Center and Associates

Professionals Licensed in Marriage and Family Therapy, ect.

Location: , Gig Harbor
Fast Contact: Email or Call Allred Family Therapy Center and Associates.

Just by seeking help and moving towards overcoming grief and loss you will benefit from the help provided from counseling. As your therapist we will help you discover the tools & needed communication skills to help you overcome whatever situation you are facing that is causing you to suffer through grief and loss. Our responsibility is to provide you a safe & neutral environment for you to work through & grow towards overcoming grief and loss along with developing coping skills in other areas that are challenging you.

Wendy Smith, MA, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Location: 18 W. Mercer St., Ste. 360, Seattle
Fast Contact: Email or Call Wendy.

I am particularly practiced at helping clients work through the kinds of grief and loss that result from life-long or acquired disability and chronic, life-threatening or terminal illness. My professional interest in this area stems from my personal experiences with a life-long disability and, more recently, a chronic illness. I use Emotion Focused, Existential, mindfulness-based, and other strategies to help my clients gain access to their feelings regarding their losses and figure out how to live the richest life possible given their particular circumstances.

Sean Jackson, MA, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Location: 1817 Queen Anne Ave N, #409, Seattle
Fast Contact: Email or Call Sean.

Grief is a difficult issue for all of us because it looks differently for everyone. However, there are some common themes in how we grieve as men and women. If you or someone you know is grieving and finding it difficult to acknowledge their grief or know what to do next, therapy is the best place to explore how they might grieve fully and in so doing, be able to move forward in life.

Francesca Licciardi, MA, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Location: 401 9th ave N, Seattle
Fast Contact: Email or Call Francesca.

Life has its challenges with facing loss. I believe counseling can be a powerful source of support when grief and sadness envelope the energy to life. Seeking support in this way is the first step in processing this loss and beginning the steps necessary to move forward. It is my pleasure to provide a safe environment and grieving space for the vital process of healing to take place.

Cyndee Baldwin, MA, LMHC

Relational Psychotherapist / Counselor

Location: 1818 Westlake Ave N, Suite 419, Seattle
Fast Contact: Email or Call Cyndee.

You're sad and you don't know why. You cry and are confused. There are areas in your life where you have lost much and you don't know how to grieve it, or where to go to get help. You've heard well meaning friends tell you the pad answers, but you really just want someone to hold you and make it go away. Therapy is a sense of "emotional holding" that helps those feelings make more sense and as opposed to those feelings going away, we learn how to live within our grief and loss when we explore it.

Parke Burgess, MA


Location: 1607 Dexter Avenue North, Suite 1C, Seattle
Fast Contact: Email or Call Parke.

Despite what some have said, grieving an important loss rarely unfolds in predictable stages or by a knowable timetable. Sometimes we can feel stuck in our loss, as if we will never be able to move forward again. In a safe, supportive setting, we can explore all that is bound up with our grief and in this way begin to heal. Part of that healing comes from the deepening discovery of our own experience; and part of the healing comes from no longer being alone in it. Then the loss can be tolerated and integrated into our world so that we can begin to venture out and grow again.

Tom Eggert, MA, LMHC

Licenced Mental Health Counselor

Location: 2208 NW Market Street, Suite 315A, Seattle
Fast Contact: Email or Call Tom.

Working with people experiencing grief I want to help illuminate all aspects of it, including past grief that has gone unresolved. Each grief causing event has a life cycle. And while most grief is never 100% worked through, the less it it has been processed the more it piggybacks on the next event as a layering effect. Just understanding this can help make sense of our feelings. This is a starting point.

Clinton Campbell, MA, LMHCA

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

Location: 1800 NW Market St, Ste 200, Seattle
Fast Contact: Email or Call Clinton.

Most clients don't want to hear clich├ęs when they're aching. You already know that it will be okay, eventually. Or you feel certain that life will never be the same again. I aim to nurture a space where you're feelings of grief and loss can be seen and heard safely. This experience is crucial to healing. While I may provide tools to help when the process gets stuck, I don't offer promises to take pain away unnaturally.

Folktown Counseling, LMHC

Licensed Therapists

Location: 1900 Dock Place, Suite #3, Seattle
Fast Contact: Email or Call Folktown Counseling.

We tend to bottle up our grief when we experience a loss. I seek to provide an environment for you to share the various stages of grief you may be facing, and in doing so, I journey alongside you in this painful season. At times I may recommend some reading that may be helpful to you as well as help you identify stages of grief that are commonly experienced by others.

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Grief Counseling Port Orchard WA.

The death of a loved one is arguably the most traumatic experience any of us can face. The goals of Port Orchard WA grief counseling are recovery and acceptance. Port Orchard, WA trauma counseling seeks to help an individual process, debrief, and cope with an extreme stress. Recovery from loss through grief counseling Port Orchard, WA does not mean that all of the pain, memories or significance of a loved one are resolved, but that one is able to accept what has happened, and that those experiences and memories are an important part of life, but not all consuming. When you see a Port Orchard WA trauma therapist or Port Orchard WA grief counselor, you will find a listening ear. There are several stages of grieving, and compassionate therapy in Port Orchard WA can be a strong shoulder that will facilitate healing. Port Orchard WA grief therapy and counseling in Washington can help one move through the shock, trauma, and acute suffering, so that you are not destroyed by what has happened. Most likely, there are still loved ones in your life who need you, and if you are grieving, you may utterly lack any emotional energy at all to deal with them. Port Orchard WA grief counseling can help stabilize you.

If you have experienced the pain and trauma of loss, grief counseling Port Orchard WA with a licensed therapist can help you move through. A Washington grief and loss counselor has training and experience in helping people who have suffered loss to find strength, to cope, and move through the trauma. Port Orchard grief counseling can be an important tool to help you through this difficult time. And while nothing anyone can say can completely heal the pain, you can still find strength to cope and to find hope in the darkness. Therapy is a very important part of moving through grief. Please contact a Port Orchard, WA grief therapist below today.