Grief & Loss Counseling and Bereavement Services in St Charles IL.

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Grief & Loss

Thomas Heroldt, MA, LCPC, CADC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

333 N. Randall Road, Suite 20, St. Charles, IL

The key areas of grief and loss is learning to create what is known as a "new normal". This new normal can be created after a death, loss of job or even the loss of a relationship like divorce. Being able to understand the grief steps and what to expect brings hope to individuals and families who may have just had what they once new as normal completely change sometimes overnight.

Grief & Loss

Karen Bridwell, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

2210 Dean Street, Suite F-1, Saint Charles, IL

The death of a loved one is a natural occurrence in an individual’s lifetime, but sometimes death is sudden and unexpected and can turn our world upside down. People may have difficulty processing their emotions after such an event, and as a result, their ability to function may be impacted as well. This may also be the case after dissolution of a marriage or other meaningful relationships, a health crisis resulting in declining abilities or causing disability, loss of employment, and a host of other circumstances in life that induce overwhelming feelings of grief/loss. Karen will support such an individual as they process their feelings associated with the grief/loss.

Grief & Loss

ProActive Behavioral Services Counseling, MD's, Psy.D's, LCPC's, LCSW's, CADC

Multiple Professionally Licensed Professionals

210 S. 5th Street, St. Charles, IL

Loosing a person close to you is often one of life's most difficult journey's. Trying to fill the void can often leave us feeling empty. In our society, we are often not as prepared to deal with life losses. This process is unique to each person meaning that some family members may be experiencing loss very differently from you. When is seems you have run out of directions to go, it may be time to make the call you have often thoughts of making.

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Grief Counseling in St Charles IL.

The death of a loved one is arguably the most traumatic experience any of us can face. The goals of grief counseling are to help the individual move through the pain, find acceptance in the present, and redefine a future that still has hope and meaning. Contact a bereavement therapist in St Charles, IL and begin steps towards healing. Recovery from loss through a grief counselor in St Charles, IL means finding a way to move through the pain and work through it to find hope and meaning in life again.

If you have experienced the pain and trauma of loss, consider grief counseling in St Charles IL and speak with a licensed therapist. A Illinois grief and loss counselor has training and experience in helping people who have suffered loss to find strength and tools to make it through the grieving process, and help redefine a new future that still has joy and happiness.