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Grief & Loss

Shana Lutsky, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Within Driving Distance of West Los Angeles, CA

I have worked with many clients experiencing grief as a result of losses which include death of a family member, friend, loss of a job or pet. Dealing with grief is a process and takes time to work through. If not addressed, some grief can lead to more serious depression and anxiety. This said, it is an issue where therapy can be helpful for a person who has suffered a loss. A lot of my practice has also focused on pregnancy loss including miscarriage and failed reproductive technology attempts.

Grief & Loss

Sheri Rose-McCashin, M.S., LMFT,

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFC 28036)

Within Driving Distance of West Los Angeles, CA

Grief and Loss is profound and a natural part of the life cycle. Losses occur everyday from a simple disappointment ( lunch cancelled) which is easily recoverable to a more significant and impactful loss ( a job,relationship,health or finances). I believe clients benefit from having their grief and loss witnessed by another and by having a place to process the experience and it's meaning to them. The benefit of therapy is to allow the individual to unfold and assimilate the loss which may never be "gotten over".

Grief & Loss

Ellie Zarrabian, PhD, CMT

Founder & Spiritual Director

Centerpeace Foundation, West Los Angeles, CA 90024

At some point, everyone experiences the grief and loss of something or someone valuable in life. The key is knowing how to grieve one's loss. Most people don't know how to grieve and our culture does not allow for it. Entering therapy after a loss of a job, relationship, or a loved one can help heal the wounds and help the individual move on with life.

Grief & Loss

David Silverman, Licensed LMFT, EMDR Trained

Free 60 minute First Session/Consult

2001 Barrington Ave., West Los Angeles, CA 90025

Everyone grieves in their own way. You shouldn't feel you are out-of-control because you grieve in unexpected ways or for a longer peroid. Cultural and religious differences in grieving exist which are perfectly acceptible. A therapist must be sensitive to these issues. Grief is said to involve denial, anger, bargaining, deperession and acceptance. We will monitor your reactions to validate those feelings in session. Unhealthy reactions to loss do occur; self-medicating, and isolating oneslef for long periods, experiencing full-blown depression -- these behaviors, can prove detrimental. We will monitor your behaviors and mood changes and deal with negative conditions, should they occur.

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