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Grief & Loss

Soul Work Therapies, Donna Johnson, M.Ed., DVATI, MMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist; Art Therapist; Time Line Therapist; Reiki Master

202 - 1345 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2B6

Grieving is important to do. It's let's us understand the importance of what was lost. When the sadness gets in the way of moving forward in life, it can become a deterrent to future growth. Allowing the feelings of loss to be released is the next step. Time Line™ Therapy Techniques, Hawaiian Huna Kane Body Work, Reiki and Kahi are ways of releasing issues of grief and loss. Feeling more peaceful and calm and remembering that change is always happening, is part of the work.

Grief & Loss

Mary-Ann Roy, BFA; MA

Certified Counselling Therapist

201 Portage Avenue West; 18th Floor, Winnipeg, MB R3B 3K6

We experience loss throughout our lifetime in various ways. When we mourn we allow ourselves to heal. In group settings and individual sessions I have helped those who need to process their loss to experience comfort and lasting peace. If you are struggling with loss you can journey through it confident that you will not be alone in it and that you will have someone caring for you throughout it.

Grief & Loss

Gerry Pettyjohn, MA, CSRT

Certified Sexual Recovery Therapist

3527 Pembina Highway (Entrance at rear of building), Winnipeg, MB R3V 1A5

When sex addiction or infidelity invades relationships, an important part of the healing process involves grief counseling. I guide spouses through the grief of losing the life they had thought they had prior to the exposure or disclosure of their partners' infidelity. In addition, I help sex addicts and cheaters grieve the loss of marriages, relationships, careers, health and/or freedom.

Grief & Loss

Eldon Pullman, MA


302 - 1200 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0T5

Dealing with grief from personal experince is something I can offer. My father was accidentally killed in an industrial accident when I was three years old. I grew up in single parent family with mom and five siblings. Recently my mother passed away. Grief is a personal expierince. We all grieve differently. Counselling can help you understand your own personal grief journey.

Grief & Loss

Julie Long, M.Ed., CCC


208-161 Stafford Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3M 2W9

Grief and Loss bring about changes in our lives and change can be stressful. We all handle our stress in different ways and at different rates. Some of us handle our stress in healthy ways and some of us do not. How are you handling your loss? Are you coping in a healthy way? If not, maybe it is time to connect with someone who can share in your experience and help you see your way through the grieving process by learning to cope and reconnect. The benefits may be similar to the feeling you have when the sun shines after a rainstorm. Relief.

Grief & Loss

Diane Lovatt, MSW, RSW, MMFT

Winnipeg, MB XXX XXX

Experiencing grief and loss can bring forth intense emotions that can overwhelming. Therapy can provide a place to explore emotions, understand one's sense of loss/grief and find ways to manage feelings. Often family members can be at different places in their experience of loss, or there may be complexities in recovery from loss depending on circumstances surrounding the loss.

Grief & Loss

Debbie Baty, M.Ed. (Counselling), R.S.W.

Social Work Therapist

250-2025 Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3P 0N5

Grief is a reaction to loss that can encompass a range of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, and is experienced differently by each person according to his or her culture, background, gender, beliefs, personality, and relationship to the deceased or loss. Feelings common to grief are sadness and yearning. Guilt, regret, anger, and a sense of meaninglessness can also be present. Some may also a feel a sense of relief and liberation. Emotions can be surprising in their strength or mildness, contrary to the expectations of the griever; they can also be confusing, such as missing a painful relationship.

Grief & Loss

Kevin Richardson, MSW, RSW

Registered Clinical Social Worker

34 Carlton Street, Winnipeg, MB R3C 1N9

My approach to working with you through grief and loss depends on your particular experience and your personal reaction to it. I can help you to tolerate and work through your internal pain, giving time and attention to your loss, attuning to the nature of your loss and what it means to you. This may involve •Taking the time and space to speak about your loss •Exploring the impact of your loss• Addressing your emotional responses • Looking at how your personal history has shaped your experience of loss •Helping you restore and maintain current relationships and supports •Locating internal strengths to help you cope, mourn, and move forward.

Grief & Loss

Sam Whelan, MMFT, CD

BA (Psych), Masters (Marriage & Family Therapy), CD

Winnipeg, MB R2V 0B2

I’m not sure that when a loved one dies we ever completely get over their absence in our lives. My hope is that, together we co-create an environment of understanding, compassion and safety where we can work through, vs. get over, such a tragic loss. Working through requires an individual to process their thoughts and feelings in the presence of at least one other that can facilitate the required safe & secure environment.

Grief & Loss

Carolyn Klassen, OT(Reg)MB, RMFT

Clinic Director/Therapist

105-1483 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2C6

Our culture recognizes the loss through death with multiple formal rituals, that typically last a short time. Grieving the death of a loved one takes much longer, and doesn't end when the flowers wilt, as those around a grieving person might expect. Loss is so much broader than death...loss of roles, loss of relationship, loss of meaning...these are also losses that need to be grieved in a manner that others may not understand but are crucially important.

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